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Anyone who enjoys online casino gaming will know that the mobile gaming market has become the default platform for today’s players. According to reports, mobile gaming revenue outweighs desktop profits, with mobile games now eating up 42% of the market.
Interestingly, researchers say that by the year 2020, mobile gaming will make up 50 percent of the market share.

The Dynamic Mobile Gaming Market

There’s no denying that the market for mobile casino games is stronger then ever before. What perhaps started out with casual games like Candy Crush and Angry Bird has quickly developed into a multifaceted market, complete with all your favourites, including online pokies, video poker and even live dealer games.
In fact, casino games offer some exciting prize potentials. You can play everything from poker to blackjack and a myriad of immersive slots for real money, which means you stand to win real jackpots. Besides the inherent excitement of the casino games, you can look forward to progressive jackpots, instant prizes and some enticing bonuses. You can even conduct your online casino banking or request customer support, all from the palm of your hand.
While today’s mobile games are more complex than they used to be, it does make them even more appealing. If we were to look back about 20 years, this is even more obvious when we compare the old-fashioned Nokia Snake game to the amazing casino games we get today.

Technology Continues to Take Gaming to New Heights

Speaking of Snake, remember how you used to spend hours playing it on a monochrome display? Compare that to today’s games. It’s incredible! While many mobile casino games are 2D, we can still enjoy incredible designs and artwork. But, digital is quickly moving towards 3D gaming as mobile devices become more powerful. Soon, mobile casino games will start using more resource demanding, yet easier to work with 3-dimensional graphics. In fact, some already do.
Then there is the element of virtual reality. VR is already taking the world by storm. While it is still in its infancy, there is loads of room for the technology to expand, and you can bet it will expand into the mobile gaming market.
As more games are becoming compatible with virtual reality, and more players are investing in the necessary VR headsets, the more common it’s going to be for players to enter into VR to play their favourite online casino games.
In fact, several casino gaming developers have already expressed the intention to make their games VR compatible. Simple headsets already allow players to turn their mobile phones into VR headsets, but no doubt the technology will continue to expand and improve. Just imagine playing online poker on your smartphone and feeling like you’ve been transported right into a Las Vegas casino.
We can’t wait to see more virtual reality mobile casino games as more devices transform from a mere tablet or smartphone into a Virtual Reality playground. While it may be some time before regular mobile-based casino games go that route, there is already a hybrid version of mobile games offer both regular and VR Play in a market that is set to continue growing at a rapid pace.