PayPal Casino Payment Method

Using PayPapal at an Online Casino in New Zealand

PayPal is one of the most widely used payment systems on the internet. The technology has gained millions of fans worldwide since they burst on to the market over a decade ago. PayPal is synonymous with fast, safe and easy online banking.

PayPal as a Payment Method

PayPal is known as an e-wallet, an online payment system used for transfer funds to e-commerce sites and online casinos. All you need to use PayPal is an email address and a bank account or a credit card which you can link to your account.

One of the reasons PayPal is so popular is because their service is absolutely free of charge. Payment fees are charged to sellers rather than buyers. So, if you’re using PayPal to deposit at any online casino, they’re liable for any fees, not you.

Another great PayPal feature is that you can receive payments from other people, online casinos and other sites that need to pay funds to you. Not every deposit option we review lets you withdraw funds, so PayPal is a great choice.

PayPal Drawbacks

PayPal doesn’t accept business from every country, so not all casinos accept them as a payment method. Just take a look at some of the top PayPal casinos that we’ve recommended to you before you start playing at an online casino. PayPal is available in only 190 countries and regions. So be sure to see if your chosen casino has PayPal available as a banking method within your country.

However, if you’re looking for an online banking method that offers easy deposits, quick withdrawals and state of the art security features then choosing PayPal is possibly the best option for you.

Online Casino Deposits with PayPal

If you want to use PayPal as an online banking method, you just need to open an account with PayPal using your standard bank account or credit card details. PayPal online casino payments are not taken directly from your bank account or credit card, this ensures that sensitive financial information will not be visible any online casinos which you deposit at. This is what makes PayPal the best online casino deposit method for users who worry about online fraud or misuse of personal data.

In essence, PayPal can work like a separate bank account for you.  A player can deposit money into their PayPal account through a bank transfer or credit card and then use the money to play and make deposits at online casinos. PayPal users can also link a credit card to their account so they can make automatic withdrawals.

Online Casino Withdrawals with PayPal

There are lots of reasons to use PayPal as an online casino payment method. PayPal transactions, deposits and withdrawals alike, are almost instant. You can play your favourite online games within a matter of minutes and should lady luck be on your side, you’ll see your winnings in your account almost immediately. With PayPal, you can withdraw money to the credit card assigned to your PayPal account, or you can also use a PayPal MasterCard debit card.  Not only does this banking method allow you to access your cash quickly, there’s also no need to provide online casinos with any sensitive financial information.


The PayPal payment service is one of the safest ways of doing banking online, and this is due to the European banking license requiring the highest levels of security. Payments are instantly transferred to the casino player’s account. You will also remain anonymous when making online transactions to the online casino as well. Above that, payments made with the PayPal payment service are absolutely free of charge. We highly recommend PayPal as a banking method as it is user-friendly, safe and charges the online casino any fees making it a free option for you to play your favourite online casinos at.