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Multi-Play: Jackpot Village Casino Newest Feature

MULTI-PLAY: Jackpot Village Delivers the Long-Awaited Feature

Gaming at your Jackpot Village in New Zealand just got better with this brilliant new feature called “Multi-Play.” Feel like playing more than one game on one screen simultaneously? Jackpot Village has got your back. Read on to know more. What is MULTI-PLAY? Jackpot Village’s name doesn’t need any introduction when it comes to the […]
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Mobile Gaming

Mobile Gaming Market Soars in Popularity

Anyone who enjoys online casino gaming will know that the mobile gaming market has become the default platform for today’s players. According to reports, mobile gaming revenue outweighs desktop profits, with mobile games now eating up 42% of the market.Interestingly, researchers say that by the year 2020, mobile gaming will make up 50 percent of […]
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