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Top Paying Casinos in New Zealand

What you need to know about Top Paying Online Casinos

It’s one of the facts of gaming life that all transactions at casinos come with limits. You have minimum and maximum deposit limits, your banking methods have transaction limits, and you are limited to the amount you can withdraw at any given moment. Sometimes you have to withdraw more than you wanted to and at others, less than you need.  

Most of the time, and for most players, these limits will be something you won’t reach in an ordinary day’s gambling, but what happens if you win a big jackpot and you want to take your family on holiday, or buy your dream house, or any number of other things that we all dream of doing with a big windfall? This is when it helps to know that you are playing at a top paying casino, rather than one that cannot handle large withdrawal requests.

Top Paying Casinos Explained

Top paying casinos are not the ones that have the highest jackpots. Progressive jackpots tend to be the biggest available, and this is because the pot is created and shared across a network of casinos. Basically, this means that no single casino can claim credit for the size of a progressive jackpot. If you won a large sum of money, though, or regularly play with large amounts, a top paying casino is a casino that will allow you to withdraw as much of your balance as possible in any given week, month or transaction.  

If you look at the terms and conditions of most casinos, their withdrawal policy should explain the limits, although some casinos are less upfront about them than others. Usually there is a weekly or monthly limit imposed by the casino, as well as a transaction limit that is usually imposed by the payment method you choose. If you aim for high payouts, then you need a casino that has flexible or large payout allowances, as well as a banking method that imposes fewer or no limits on your transactions.  

Top Paying Casinos NZ
Casino Offer Rating RTP Visit
$100 Welcome Bonus + 70 Free Spins
98.3% Visit
$1100 Welcome Offer + 375 free spins
98.1% Visit
$1600 Welcome Bonus
97.9% Visit
$1000 Welcome Bonus
97.7% Visit
$100 Welcome Bonus + 100 free spins
97.1% Visit

Some casinos will give you bigger deposit and withdrawal limits as rewards for playing regularly. This option is usually part of the VIP or loyalty programme. You will need to play to earn points, and points determine your tier. Players on higher tiers often get a range of extra benefits, including faster payouts with larger limits. However, it takes time and often a lot of money to climb rewards tiers, and not all casinos have these programmes in place.  If you are looking for a fast payout casino that doesn’t require you to be a long standing customer check out our fastest payout online casinos.

A top paying casino will start all players off with a generous withdrawal limit or make it as easy as possible to attain a higher limit. Even if your payment option does have transaction limits, you can perform multiple transactions to withdraw the amount you want, if the casino will allow it.  

If you wish to avoid multiple transactions, then using cryptocurrency at a high payout casino is the best solution. If you choose one of New Zealand’s top paying casinos and a flexible payment option, this combination will enable you to get as much money from your casino account into your bank account as possible.  

Top Paying Casinos We Offer 

We compared some of the best online casinos available in NZ to check which ones had the highest withdrawal limits, combined with the biggest range of payment methods that could facilitate a large transaction. We have found you some of the best options available in New Zealand at the moment. They have all been rated, assessed, and checked for important security measures.  If you are looking for top paying casinos in New Zealand, you can choose any of the options on our recommended casino lists and withdraw more of your winnings whenever you please. In addition, casinos that have the generous philosophy and financial flexibility to handle large transactions tend to process their withdrawals efficiently, so a top paying casino often has fast payouts too. 

There are a few top paying online casinos available in New Zealand. We have discussed the best on these whilst creating the fast payouts section of Best New Zealand Casinos. The best paying casino we can recommend for September/October 2020 would be CasiGo Casino as it is a brand new casino for the New Zealand market meaning that everyone is eligible for their massive $1100 welcome bonus and it is run by the same team as those that run Captain Spins Casino and Jonny Jackpot which are fantastic online casinos.

Top Paying Casino in New Zealand

CasiGo has been selected as the best paying casino in New Zealand

Minimum Withdrawals at our Top Paying Casinos 

Casinos that allow small deposits tend to allow small withdrawals too. The minimum deposit and withdrawal that you are allowed to make at most casinos will depend on the payment method you have chosen and the casino’s policies. Some casinos do not let lower limits for deposits, or have very low limits for both deposits and withdrawals. Depending on the casino, you can deposit as little as $1, and make a withdrawal from $1.50.   

Others have a set minimum withdrawal amount across all payment methods, which could range from $10 to $50, depending on the casino’s terms and conditions. This could also vary according to payment method. Some casinos have higher limits on bank transfers, for example, than they do on web wallet withdrawals.  

The exception to the minimum withdrawal limits is often cryptocurrency. If a casino accepts cryptocurrency, the minimum deposit and withdrawal amount tends to be a lot more flexible than traditional payment methods.  

Maximum Withdrawal at our Top Paying Casinos

There are a few factors that can influence the amount of money that you can withdraw. If you have a bonus attached to the funds in your account, and have not fulfilled the wagering requirements, or if you have made a deposit but not wagered any of it, the casino might either refuse to process the withdrawal or penalise you by removing your bonus or adding banking fees if you have not wagered your deposit amount.  

Aside from these factors, the maximum withdrawal will depend on the casino’s policy and the payment options the casino offers. Most casinos will have a maximum withdrawal limit within the $4000 to $5000 range per transaction, depending on the payment method. However, some casinos have a monthly withdrawal limit of $10000, so you will only be able to perform two transactions before you reach the limit. At a top paying casino, this monthly limit is either a lot higher, or it is negotiable depending on your VIP status. Some casinos have no maximum limits.  

One major exception to the transaction limits is cryptocurrency. There are usually no upper limits set on cryptocurrency transactions, although casinos do vary. Generally speaking, at a good casino you can withdraw as little or as much as you like if you play in cryptocurrency, as long as there are no wagering requirements or other limitations on your casino account. 

The Highest Withdrawal Casino

One of the most important concerns that players should have when registering at a new casino is the casino payment options and the withdrawal limits. These limits are imposed by the casino to ensure that players do not withdraw insanely big amounts of money at a time. There is nothing worse than winning big amounts of money and finding out that it is going to take you a while before being able to cash out the funds. This is due to the restrictions that can come in the form of account limit or time limit, meaning casinos can state the maximum amount of money that can be withdrawn and even add time requirements, so players can only withdraw a certain amount during that week.

The Best High Withdrawal Casino

Jonny Jackpot supports extremely high withdrawals.

Most New Zealand online casinos allow players to withdraw between $4000 to $20,000 per day, but that depends solely on the casino’s policies. Learning about casino withdrawal limits is extremely important so that players understand how to get their money back quickly. For a better understanding, it is always advisable that players read the Bonus Terms and Conditions when trying their luck at a new online casino.

What are the Biggest Pay-outs in NZ History?

The feeling of cashing out big wins when playing popular pokies, live dealer games, or even classic table games can create a sense of enthusiasm. Some players have tried their luck at online casinos and have managed to win massive amounts of money. There is nothing better than winning big and withdrawing the funds by using speedy payment options.

In 2016, a player from New Zealand managed to beat the odds and win a massive amount of money totalling up to $10 million NZ dollars on the popular game Mega Moolah. He explained that he started by winning an exciting $1,500, but instead of cashing out, he just kept playing, which granted him access to the progressive jackpot wheel bonus game which is where he got extremely fortunate.

On the other hand, another New Zealand player won the Biggest Mobile Casino Jackpot amounting up to $943,971 on the same Microgaming game back in 2013. But it does not stop there, an anonymous Kiwi claimed one of the biggest rewards he could ever wish for within just a few hours, winning a total of $100,000 on the classic favourite game Roulette. Feel free to read our Casino Reviews to find out which casino you should try your luck at.

Top Paying Casinos FAQs 

What is the best payment method to choose to make a big withdrawal?

If you are looking for a payment option that gives you the most flexibility, both in terms of the minimum amount you can deposit and the maximum amount you can withdraw, playing with cryptocurrency is the best choice. However, cryptocurrency is still very new on the digital landscape, and many players are not yet comfortable with it.

If I don’t play in cryptocurrency, what’s the next best option?

If you are playing with more traditional payment options, each withdrawal transaction is usually limited to around $5000. At top paying casinos, you can make multiple withdrawals to get to the amount you would like in your bank account. This means that when choosing a withdrawal method, you need to look at the transaction fees. Some payment methods charge a flat transaction fee, and others will charge you a percentage of the amount you withdraw. In general, web wallets like Neteller or EcoPayz tend to be the most cost effective and quickest payment options.

Why do casinos set maximum withdrawal limits?

There are several reasons why a casino would have maximum withdrawal limits, but two of the main reasons are to protect the casino, and to protect the player. If a player wins a big jackpot at the casino, if there are maximum withdrawal limits in place, the casino can space out the payments. This is especially important for smaller casinos. These limits can also protect the player if someone else gains access to their casino account. However, due to the stringent security measures in place at most good casinos, this is an unlikely scenario.

What’s the difference between a transaction limit and a casino limit?

A transaction limit is the amount of money you can withdraw in a particular transaction. Most casinos will display this information on their banking pages. If you look at the withdrawal methods available, you will see the min and max allowed for each payment method. These limits tend to vary according to payment method. Prepaid cards, for example, tend to have lower max limits than Visa and Mastercard options.

A casino limit, also known as a time limit, is the amount of money that a casino will allow you to withdraw within a particular time. Some will only allow one withdrawal a week, others will allow $10000 in a month. Top paying casinos will give you bigger limits. This information is not as easy to find as the transaction limits, but it should be in the terms and conditions. If not, you can ask support to provide you with this information.

Top Paying Casinos Pros and Cons 

  • Higher or no withdrawal limits mean you have more access to your money.
  • Top paying casinos tend to have a range of payment options, so you can choose a method with the best fee structure for big transactions.
  • Casinos that can process large transactions tend to have very efficient payment processes, which means that you can get fast withdrawals too.
  • You may need to negotiate with the casino for higher withdrawal limits.
  • The ability to withdraw large amounts from your casino account does carry some security risks.
  • Multiple transactions may be required to withdraw the amount you would like. This means you could be paying more in fees, depending on your banking method’s payment structure.

Top Paying Casinos News and Guides

Every website out there is just speaking about the minimum deposits needed and general bargain type of news. However, we also want to bring some focus to what is happening in this industry when it comes to large payouts. Where can you find the casinos allowing you to extract large payouts and withdrawals? Keep on top of the latest developments right here with our news and guides on the real money Top Paying Casinos.