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We believe that everyone should experience the best online casinos that New Zealand has to offer and our team works tirelessly to ensure we feature all your favorite games and casino providers. We are wholly dedicated to ensuring that all players can access honest and expert advice to make their online gaming exceptional. There is no charge associated with this service as the online casino pays us a small commission for new players that sign up with them after reading about them here, but we must be doing something right as BestNewZealandCasinos.com has grown into an industry leader since it launched in 2016.

Meet Andrew Stone, a VIP manager who worked in the casino industry for over two decades, ensuring that VIPs are pampered and well taken care of. His invaluable experience makes for a solid foundation at Best NZ Online Casinos. Andrew knows very well how a good bonus is structured, what freebies make players very happy, and what a top-quality casino is all about. Andrew so loved the industry that he decided to assemble a fantastic team of like-minded casino enthusiasts to assist him in building the Best NZ Online Casinos website, and here we are.

What We Value

Best NZ Online Casinos is jam-packed with the most recent and exciting pokies, casino games, unbeatable bonuses, Free Spins offers, massive progressive jackpots, and competitive odds. Andrew has made it possible to test and rate online casinos and find top bonuses and exceptional online gambling, and we think he’s doing a top job! At Best NZ Online Casinos, we value reliable information on the best bonuses out there, new innovative casinos, award-winning software, the latest news and casino reviews, and so much more.

What We Do

What we do makes us different from other similar sites. At Best NZ Online Casinos, our readers come first as our key focus is providing safe, secure, and fun online casinos. Our values are simple: We are customer-focused, and that’s why we explore the casino with a fine-tooth comb and then let you have unbiased results to decide on a suitable casino.

We only feature safe and responsible casinos that take licensing, regulation, and Responsible Gambling seriously. You are guaranteed only the highest quality, exceptional products, and top-of-the-line customer service when you play at our featured online casinos.

We are also security-obsessed and take our players’ privacy very seriously. The casinos are all secured with 128-bit encryption, run with Random Number Generators, and run with official licenses.

Responsible Gambling

Indeed, New Zealanders are often credited with enjoying their pokies and online gambling. Still, the reality is that some players can’t help themselves, and instead of enjoying online entertainment, it becomes an addiction that can destroy their life and the lives of family and friends. At Best NZ Online Casinos, we are serious about promoting responsible online casino gaming. The reality is that gambling is part of all our lives, and this is evident when you consider that most people purchase lottery tickets, bet on horses, or play online pokies for fun and entertainment.

While one person approaches online casinos as pure entertainment with the possibility of some wins, another will develop a gambling problem where they will spend more than they can afford, chase wins, and often “borrow” from saved funds. It has to be said that much like you can’t blame the wine for your hangover, online casinos cannot be judged as evil. Tackling this problem head-on, regulated online casinos that are legit, licensed, and trustworthy provide many ways players can break free from gambling addiction, including links to support groups, the chance to set limits on your gambling time, and self-exclude temporarily or permanently.

Some key questions to ask yourself include:

  • Do you gamble online when you should be doing something else?
  • Have you ever tried to cut back on your gambling without succeeding?
  • If you limit your online gambling, do you feel irritable or restless?
  • Do you lie to your family and friends about how much you gamble online?
  • When you lose money, do you try again to break even?

Answering yes to any of these questions is a red flag, and getting help is recommended. Many players don’t want to seek help because they hide this problem and don’t want anyone to know. However, you can remain anonymous and still get help from the casino. Take control of your gambling addiction and chat with someone. In New Zealand, players can get assistance from several support groups, such as the New Zealand Gambling Helpline.

Online casinos are very aware of gambling problems and take a gentle but firm stance so that you can take back your power. Helpful software can also be downloaded to block your gambling, such as a Gamban and Betblocker. Whether you play from a desktop, iPhone, or Android, you won’t have to see gambling ads or online casinos, which is a huge help. In New Zealand, the Gambling Act 2003 has made it possible for anyone to exclude themselves from entering an online casino. While exclusion may not deal with the reasons that may have led you to gamble, it provides an opportunity to put gambling on one side while you work on enjoying gambling as a fun-filled activity, with the chance of some wins.

Our Team

Part of what makes the Best NZ Online Casinos team unique is that we are from all parts of New Zealand. The combination of diverse backgrounds and experience combined with the purpose and drive to succeed makes a wonderful recipe for a great team.


Ally is living proof that people who play casino games are the only ones who truly understand the ins and outs. She has spent many years engaging in casino games, digging into the world of casinos and online gambling to have a deeper understanding of what is available for players, particularly in the realm of live dealer games. At the moment, Ally is working as a writer for Best NZ Online Casinos.


With several years of expertise in the iGaming sector, Andrew used to be a VIP host, and now his concentration is on locating casinos that cater to all players’ demands. Andrew founded Best NZ Online Casinos and is presently working as the editor-in-chief.


As a previous journalist for the NZ Herald, Owen has been at the forefront of developing and managing content for a long time. He has been passionately dedicated to informing readers about everything occurring in the iGaming sector worldwide. His passion for gambling and casino establishments attracted him to the industry. Owen is a writer for Best NZ Online Casinos at the moment.