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Paysafe Card Casinos

Get the flexible casino payment method

Paysafecard is a leading digital prepaid payment methods with online casino players from New Zealand. It’s easy, it’s cheap and most of all it’s safe and private. You don’t have to share any personal or financial details online, something that a lot of Kiwis don’t want to do. They were established in 2000 in Vienna and the company have gone from strength to strength with availability all over the world.

Paysafecard’s unique selling point? You don’t even need a credit card or a bank account to use it. You just need to visit your local participating retailer and buy your paysafecard. You’ll be issued a ticket containing a 16-digit PIN code. This code will then allow you to deposit at your favourite online casino. You can buy a paysafecard at over 450,000 international outlets. You can visit their website for participating sales outlets in your locality.

Most leading online casinos will allow you to use this payment method and those that adon’et are are missing out. Paysafecard is almost purposefully designed for the world of anonymous online entertainment, specifically online gaming.

Players  find using a paysafecard to play online casino is simplicity itself. Aside from being a popular, pre-paid payment method, paysafecard is extremely user-friendly and it’s probably one of the safest ways to make transactions online.

Pros and Cons of Paysafecard


  • Zero personal or financial details required
  • Complete anonymity guaranteed
  • Deposit Easily
  • Funds are added to your account immediately
  • Easily remain within an allotted budget


  • No withdrawals
  • You can only use one card per each deposit.


Paysafecard guarantees your complete security. When you pay online with paysafecard, just like paying in cash, no personal details, such as your credit card information or bank account details, have to be entered. However, we must remind you take care that paysafecard PINs remain private. Without a doubt, this is one of the safest ways to play casino online.


Paysafecard is now a mobile app, you can find the iOS version on the App store and them Google Play store for Android. With the app you’re easily ablr to log into your account and monitor your balance and all your transactions. You can also top up the account with the a pre-purchased Paysafecard PIN, so there’s no need to even use your computer.

Furthermore, your smartwatch can locate the closest Paysafecard store by GPS, as long as it’s an Apple or Google device. You’ll find lots of promotions and competitions in the app. If you have an iPhone or an Android device it’s worth your while getting the Paysafecard app.

My Paysafecard

This new paysafecard feature is an administration tool for your paysafecard PINs where you can keep an overview of all your Paysafecard pins if you have multiple cards and pins. Additionally, this feature lets you pay online even more conveniently with just a username and one password.

  • Free sign-up
  • All your PINs in one place:
  • A clear overview and complete spending control
  • Pay online with a username and password
  • Exclusive rewards with my PLUS – the loyalty programme from Paysafecard.


If your privacy and online security are important to you, then Paysafecard is the payment solution for you. A prepaid card offers almost as much anonymity as paying with cash.

Why Paysafecard is popular?

It’s used in in 47 countries worldwide and has relationships with over 500,000 international retailers. If that’s not a ringing endorsement, I don’t know what is. But it’s three biggest U.S.P.s are something Kiwi online casino players always look for:
  • Ease of Use
  • No Fees
  • Privacy

How do I sign up?

Paysafecard requires no sign up, online or other. But you can find out more about paysafecard and their participating retail outlets you can check out their website: www.paysafecard.com

All you have to do to purchase a paysafecard, just follow this simple three step process:
  1. Find your local participating shop. Most retailers participate, but search their website to be sure.
  2. Buy your paysafecard. You can purchase in values of 10, 25, 50, 75 or 100. (at Pay Point, additionally: 125, 150, 175) depending on your currency.
  3. Pay online at your preferred online casino with your paysafecard by entering the 16-digit PIN.

Deposit information

As we mentioned, you just buy your paysafecard with any amount you choose and use the pin. Almost like a debit card, to complete transactions online. Once you’re on the online casino’s banking section, check the “deposit” option, choose “Prepaid cards” and the “paysafecard” option will come up. All you need to do is enter the amount you need to deposit. Then just enter the 16-digit PIN code on the card. Once you’ve done this, the money should be immediately credited to your casino account. Unfortunately, if you win big or you want to withdraw your money, you’ll have to work out another payment method to access  your money. A good online casinos will give you  plenty of options  for your winnings to be paid.


So, paysafecard gives you the ability to maintain control of your privacy and your spending habits  while giving you the freedom to complete online transactions at your favourite online casino without a record of those online transactions on your debit or credit card