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When a new online casino emerges, the hope amongst both the operator and player is that it quickly rises to the apex of the gaming industry. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. In some instances, new online casinos sink into oblivion as soon as they are founded. The reasons behind this are varied – in some cases, it’s the failings of the casino while in others, it’s unforeseen circumstances which spell doom to the casino.

New Zealand is blessed with dozens of top online casinos. However, there are many more that players aren’t aware of or in some instances, casinos that they are aware of but simply aren’t appealing enough to settle for. To understand why online casinos, sink into oblivion, we are going to expose and explore three such gaming platforms that quickly dissipated into thin air soon after their inception.

Find out Why Casino Room didn’t live up to the hype

Casino Room still operates in New Zealand, but it doesn’t command the market share that many players expect. One of the major drawbacks relate to its site layout that’s cluttered with all sorts of stuff. Probably in a bid to impress players with all sorts of services and products, the casino only managed to turn players away as they have to sift through different items before they find what they are looking for.

Casino Room’s games portfolio is no doubt impressive. Hundreds of games are offered, thus giving players a plethora of choices to choose from. The unfortunate thing however is that a sizeable proportion of the games aren’t optimised for mobile play. As such, players in some instances are restricted from accessing games on mobile, something which isn’t favourable to most modern-day gamers.

For its newly registered players, Casino Room does offer an enterprising and lucrative welcome bonus package. The package sees new players claim a 100% match-up bonus of up to $500 coupled with free spins. However, for the regular players, the casino offers rolling promotions. This, therefore, means at times, there won’t be any running promotions to take advantage of.

To compound matters on the promotions front, whenever the casino runs one or more promotions, it attaches stringent time-limited wagering requirements. Most players fail to satisfy the requirements thus meaning they can’t claim and withdraw bonus funds. Bonus funds are a great attraction to modern casino players hence failure to claim the funds is a major turn-off.

Moreover, Casino Room offers limited banking options to its players. As such, players are restricted to using the limited offered options. This is a major turn-off to most players as some love using specific banking options for gambling purposes.

Find out what happened to Casinoland and its Custom graphics

At one point, Casinoland was a fan favourite amongst most Kiwis. However, the casino is no longer in operation. It failed to stay afloat in a fiercely competitive gaming market. While the casino no longer accepts new registrations, all those who had accounts got a reprieve as they were given a window period to withdraw any funds in their accounts.

During its days, Casinoland got rave reviews for its stunning and quick-to-load graphics. The graphics immersed players into the alternate universe where big foot reigns supreme. Thanks to the aesthetically appealing graphics, most players fell in love with the casino.

One of the major factors which started Casinoland’s free fall is the lack of (numerous) seasonal promotions. While the casino did a great job in offering new players a welcome bonus offer, the regular players were starved of lucrative promotions. This in essence saw many players switch to others casinos where they could benefit from a whole host of constant casino bonuses and promotions.

Even more discouraging when it comes to the promotions front is that most perks came with a stringent 40x wagering requirement. This meant it was almost impossible for players to satisfy the wagering requirements and hence withdraw their bonus funds.

Another key sticking point for Casinoland is that it operated as a slots-focused casino. This, in essence, meant there were limited non-slots gambling products. This essentially meant that fans of other gambling products saw it fit to settle at competing online casinos as they were guaranteed to find loads of their favourite games.

One Click Limited, the owners and operators of Casinoland have given a guarantee that a new revamped casino is on its way. Hopefully, it will correct all the above shortcomings.

The Reasons why Slotohit did not live up to the hype

As premised in its title, most players expected Slotohit to be a hit when it was founded. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case at all. This is largely necessitated by the fact that the casino operator seems to be more interested in pilling up casino games instead of maintaining the site. The dated graphics of Slotohit makes players feel like they have turned the hands of time and launched a 2002 online casino site.

Slotohit is an online gambling platform that holds an agreement with the government of Curacao. Many trusted brands use this license, but it’s been said that some of their fairness and securely measures lack in comparison to other license providers such as Malta. Thus, players don’t feel as secure, especially when the casino takes steps that cause for concern. Therefore, players wary of their online safety and security choose to settle at online casinos regulated and licensed by more recognisable brands.

Since its inception, Slotohit Casino has failed to open round-the-clock customer support platforms. Whether one seeks support via live chat or telephone, players can only get in touch with support agents during specific periods. This is a major drawback as may have to wait for hours before receiving the support needed if they encounter problems during ‘odd’ hours. 

Summary of 3 casinos that did not Live up to the hype

The above-listed casinos have failed considerably in living up to their hype. However, there is cause for optimism for better futures as all of them can rectify their shortcomings. Except for Casinoland, the other NZ online casinos are already in operation and can easily make changes for the better. Casinoland, though closed, will reopen as a new brand and hopefully, by the time it opens, all its previous shortcomings will be a thing of the past.