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The New Zealand Dollar

The New Zealand dollar is the official currency and legal tender in New Zealand. The new NZ Dollar is also the official currency in the Pitcairn Islands which is an official British Territory. The New Zealand dollar is commonly abbreviated to NZD or NZ$ on most online casino sites but some sites used the universal $ symbol which makes it difficult for players to know whether New Zealand dollars are accepted.

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NZ Dollar History

The New Zealand dollar was first introduced in 1967 to replace the New Zealand pound which had been in circulation since 1933. Prior to the New Zealand pound, the official currency was pound sterling. The traditional pound system was seen as archaic and cumbersome and by the mid 1950s the goverment had decided to investigate a decimal based currency system.

A comitee was established in 1957 to investigate changing the currency and the “Decimal Currency Act” was passed in 1964. The official date of trasition was then set for the 10th of July 1967. Monday the 10th of July 1967 became know as the “Decimal Currency Day” with the initial exchange rate being 2 NZ$ to one pound.

Most Casinos still only accepted US dollars or when entering the Kiwi casino market in the early 2000s. This made it difficult for most New Zealnd casino fans to budget their game play as the currency fluctuated and they were forced to pay currency conversion fees whenever they played online. Spin Palace was one of the first New Zealand online casinos to accept NZ$ as an officially supported currency in the mid 2000’s. Many other online casinos in New Zealand followed suit soon after allowing players to gamble in New Zealand dollars.

Advatages of Casinos with NZD

There are a number of advantages to playing in New Zealand Dollars. The first and most obvious advantage is that players know exactly how much they are depositing and how much gamplay they are going to get from it. It is common for players not playing in NZD to spend more than they think when playing pokies online.

Exchange rate fees are hidden costs that players don’t need to pay if they play New Zealand Dollars. These fees look small on a single transaction but add up over time and playing in NZ$ can save you a lot of money over an extended period.

Players depositing in their local currency are also not effected by volitile exchange rates. You are already gamling at the casino, there is no reason to gamble on the currency too.

Disadvantages of depositing in NZ$

The biggest disadvantage of gambling in New Zealand dollars is that although a casino may accept NZ dollars as a deposit currency, the e-wallet or alternative payment method you want to use may not support New Zealand dollars.

The other minor disadvantage is that you do not benefit from the potential weakening of the NZ$. This is a very minor disadvantage and do not advise using your casino account for currency trading.

Trustworthy NZD Casinos

With online casinos becoming more and more prevalent, and the gaming industry expanding its reach, one of the major concerns for players is in finding a reliable and trustworthy NZ online casino. What then, makes a safe and secure casino site? There are a few factors that contribute to the safety, like ensuring that all the casino games offered are fair and random for all and that player’s private and financial information is fully protected. An online casino should also process their players’ deposits and withdrawals quickly and securely and last but not least, the casino should be certified, regulated and tested by an independent third-party auditor. When evaluating an online casino, players should always look for the licensing and legal information, usually found on the casino website itself.

Gambling with New Zealand Dollars

Most New Zealand Online Casinos that accept NZ$ as a deposit method offer several different deposit options. These include bank transfer, credit card and online payment services like echeque, neteller and Paypal.

The key things to look out for when deciding on a banking method with a casino are:

  • Deposit and withdrawal limits
  • Banking fees
  • Country restrictions
  • Withdrawal and deposit wating periods
  • Required documentation
  • Security

We have reviewed a number of potential options in our casino deposit options section of the website.

New Zealand Dollar Casinos – Payment Options

When it comes to safety at online casinos, it’s not just a secure platform that is important. Banking online had always been seen with suspicion, but today, thanks to the improvements made by online money transfer companies, sending your data online through a secure connection has become one of the safest, quickest and easiest ways of transferring funds. When you’ve decided which online casino to play at, in order to make a real money deposit so that you can play the casino games freely, always look to see if the casino has a large variety of payment options available. Gone are the days when players would have to make a special trip to the bank, and stand in a queue to transfer funds. Nowadays online banking methods widely accepted include not only the major credit and debit cards, but also eWallets like PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller and a host of other virtual top up cards like PaysafeCard and Entropay. A top NZ online casino will always offer a large variety of deposit options and if the online casino only accepts cash, or has a lack of deposit options, then it’s best to look for another casino to play at.

When it comes to finding a great, safe and secure online casino, and handing over sensitive information, you can’t leave anything to chance. We identify, review and publish top New Zealand online casinos for you to play at without having to worry about safety and security. Keep checking our pages for updated exclusive casino offers, the most generous Welcome Bonuses, top promotions and of course, the most fun and exciting casino games for you to enjoy.


🙋‍♀️ Can I use New Zealand dollars to make deposits and withdrawals at casinos?

The answer to this question really depends primarily on the casino you choose. Ever since Spin {Palace opened their doors to the currency back in the noughties, an increasing number of casinos have accepted New Zealand dollars as a valid playing currency. Many top-rated sites now allow it to be used; make sure you check closely before committing to a site.

👍 What are the advantages of using New Zealand dollars?

One of the major advantages of gambling in your local currency is the reduction in fees. Kiwi players using foreign currencies are subject to conversion fees every time they withdraw their cash – this is not an issue when using New Zealand dollars. In addition, a local currency means that players are in full control of exactly how much they have deposited, and how much gameplay they can enjoy – they are no longer at the mercy of fluctuating exchange rates. Bonuses and promotions can also be withdrawn in New Zealand dollars, allowing you to get more for your money.

👎 Are there any disadvantages to using New Zealand dollars?

The biggest disadvantage to playing with New Zealand dollars is lack of accessibility. While the currency is growing in popularity and prominence, there are still a number of sites who have not yet authorised its use. Some payment methods – such as e-wallets – may also not be set up to accept New Zealand dollars.

💲 How do I pick the best banking method?

Most casinos will offer plenty of choices when it comes to choosing a banking method. You should check out any deposit or withdrawal limits, which may affect how much you can play in a day, as well as the potential waiting periods. Also, research any banking fees which may be incurred, and whether a payment method is available in your country.

📋 What are the Pros and Cons of the New Zealand Dollar?

Pros and Cons of the New Zealand Dollar


  • More accurate deposits – players from New Zealand are totally secure in how much they are depositing, and how much gameplay they will be able to enjoy rather than being forced to rely on exchange rates for unreliable figures.
  • No fees – players from New Zealand depositing in New Zealand dollars will be free from extortionate fees which can really cut into your balance
  • No gambling with exchange rates – play with total peace of mind every time
  • Now accepted in the majority of New Zealand casinos, as well as gaining popularity other sites around the world
  • Peace of mind for players; by gambling in your local currency rather than foreign coin, players can rest assured that they are totally in control at every stage of every game, wager, deposit and withdrawal
  • All bonuses, promotions and VIP rewards and funds will all be paid out in New Zealand dollars if this is your selected currency, allowing you to get more for your money and really enjoy the promotional offers.
  • Easy withdrawals – gambling in your local currency allows you to withdraw your winnings directly to your bank account, helping to cut out not only international conversion fees but also excessive waiting times and the effort of transferring your cash from place to place


  • New Zealand dollars are still not universally accepted, and you may not be able to use the currency depending on your preferred payment method. Some e-wallets or payment options may not permit you to make deposits or withdrawals in New Zealand dollars.
  • Players will not be able to benefit from any potential weakening of the New Zealand dollar – this is really only a concern if you use your account for trading.
  • There are still some global casinos who prohibit the use of New Zealand dollars as an option when it comes to online gambling