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New Zealand is one of the countries where online gambling is becoming more and more popular. Gambling in New Zealand started in the 19th century when residents from the country would place wagers on card games and athletic games.

As you would expect, the most popular event that they would place their bets on was horse racing. The first event was held in the Bay of Islands in 1835. Since then, the gaming and gambling industry has seen many changes, and it will still experience more as time goes.

Innovations and technologies have been employed in the industry to ensure that there are many minimum NZD casinos that offer the same feeling and experience as to that of land-based gaming.

When the first NZ firm made real money from online gambling, most individuals from New Zealand didn’t have PCs, and few people could access internet connection and mobile phones. Later on, many firms came up and started creating attractive games for their new casinos.

During this time, the experience, quality of games, and images were not something appealing when compared to those of the current and favourite NZ casinos. But players were satisfied with the fact that they were in the position to play various games online.

With plenty of innovations and advancement in technology, software developers were able to develop games with great graphics and high-quality images like those at the best casino for December 2019.

Continuous Technology Improvement in the NZ Gambling Industry

Constant improvement of technology and innovations in NZ has brought significant changes in the gambling industry. It has allowed developers to come up with hardware and software innovations in the industry.

There is no breathing room for any industries that want to see significant changes, and this applies to the gambling industry in New Zealand. Nonetheless, not all innovations and technologies have been of great importance to online casino operators and players.

The major challenge that most developers face is that it’s not easy to select that best technology or innovation. But it is true that technology and innovation have made casinos in New Zealand to offer great games, top-notch security measures, and customer care services.

Currently, casino players can play their favourite games and place wagers using their smartphones and in the live game form. At the moment, the industry has established various trends to provide players with new and enhanced gaming experience. The main trends include:

Virtual Reality

Virtually reality was meant to take the online gaming industry to higher levels by transporting players to a world of fantasy. Since it came into existence, virtual reality has always offered an immersive experience, especially when it comes to online gaming.

Currently, New Zealand players are free to walk around and enjoy the feeling provided by virtual reality. This technology has made various improvements to online gambling while at the same time making gaming limitless. Players can now see the face of their opponents and take part in effortless place dice and online champions.

Virtual Reality is already in use, and as technology advances, it will change your usual online casino experience. At the moment, there are many minimum NZD casinos that utilise this new technology. Some of them provide an authentic online gaming experience where gamers can explore virtual casinos and enjoy playing VR-adapted pokies and other games.

Virtual Reality poker is also on the rise, and the best casino for December 2019, and other casinos already have such games on their platforms. Soon, Virtual Reality will be a must for any casinos looking to be competitive in this industry.

Augmented Reality

As the name suggests, AR combines computer-generated virtual overlays and the real world to give players a virtual view of the gaming world. Unlike Virtual Reality, that creates a whole artificial environment, Augmented Reality uses the real world, and it only overlays new images and graphics on top of it.

Augmented Reality is behind most popular casino games, and it is set to make online gaming and gambling even better in the future. Most favourite NZ casinos have already started offering games that use this technology.

In the future, Augmented Reality will make live gaming more appealing and thrilling by allowing casino lovers to enjoy online games in a complete and different way. AR will provide players with a 360-degree gaming experience, which will be more attractive than that of real casinos.

The introduction of this technology in online casinos will introduce a huge range of unique features that can improve your experience by combining both hardware and software worlds.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are significantly impacting the world of online casinos in New Zealand. Few online casinos are already testing these two technologies, and they are meant to offer great customer care services.

Currently, your favourite casino is able to analyse the games you love most and provide you with personalised welcome pages with game suggestions filtered by your needs and preferences. Casinos can use AI to provide players with a better experience by learning their habits.

Also, they can use this technology to offer top-notch customer care services. At the moment, there are many NZ casinos that already use chatbots to help players get answers to their questions. One of them is SlotsMillion Casino, which provides players with its Virtual Reality games.

Use of New Currencies in the NZ Online Casino Industry

If you’re interested in banking, cryptocurrency, or investing in online casino gambling, then you must be aware of the blockchain technology which Bitcoin uses to keep records. Blockchain technology is starting to be utilised in the online casino industry, and there are many blockchain and crypto casinos already in the market.

These online casinos have decentralised systems, which means they are not in the position to access and manipulate information. In general, all games available are played with transparency and fairness. Also, all funds are stored in the blockchain smart contracts making transactions quicker and safer.

When making your deposits, you do not have to enter any personal information or credit card data. It means that there’s no sensitive data stored. Even though this technology has been used in the banking processes of most casinos for a while, the first crypto casinos only appeared recently. Currently, there’re only a handful of blockchain developers and casinos. However, as technology advances, this number will grow significantly.

Future Technologies in the NZ Online Casino Industry

Since the online casino industry in New Zealand is still growing, there will be more future technologies and innovations. Some of the main ones include


As you can see, the future of the online casino industry in New Zealand is bright. All of the casinos available are looking to provide players with an unforgettable gaming experience. As a result of this, they are working hard to include the latest technologies in their services, which include customer services and games on offer.

So, if you love online casinos that take advantage of the latest technologies, then you should join and play at the best New Zealand casinos.