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The Department of Internal Affairs has conducted a review of online gambling in New Zealand. In 2003 the current Gambling Act was instituted, and back then, internet technology was still in its infancy, and lawmakers couldn’t foresee how online gambling would develop 17 years later. Today it is illegal to indulge in online gambling provided domestically, except by Lotto NZ and TAB, which are authorized providers, but perfectly acceptable to play pokies and casino games on offshore websites. Our article introduces you to what gambling is legal in NZ and looks at all the online gambling games like pokies, poker, sports betting, and online Bingo Houses available in New Zealand.

What kind of Gambling is Legal in NZ

New Zealand has been described as one of the most beautiful places globally, and its people are known to be a friendly and relaxed nation. New Zealand is also home to a unique gambling culture with European influence when settlers intermixed with the indigenous people. In 1835, the first horse racing bets were made, and by 1842, officers of the militia-controlled the Auckland races.

In 1883, Hawke’s Bay Jockey Club set up a subcommittee, which was then to become the New Zealand Racing Association. During the 1980s, New Zealand’s gambling history saw economic reforms, and by 1991, the first electronic gambling machines were introduced to New Zealand. In its first year, gambling games made up about 19% of the gambling spent in New Zealand. Lotteries were introduced in the 1980s, and by 1987, the New Zealand Lotteries Commission was established.

The New Zealand Gambling Act 2003 was introduced to control gambling growth and minimize the effects of problem gambling. The gambling industry in New Zealand is worth an estimated $2 billion every year, and much like  Australia, New Zealand is big on pokies. According to statistics, pokies account for 35% of all betting revenue, while 26% accounts for other casino games.

Online Casinos

It’s fair to say that online casinos are one of the fastest-growing industries globally. As the internet gained ground, people began to look for more convenient ways to gamble from home. By 1998 the first gambling platforms were launched, and soon it became very convenient to play pokies and casino games by mobile phone. Mobile gambling offers ease of access and the freedom to play whenever and wherever you are. In 1998 the first online casinos and online gambling platforms were launched, and today this industry is worth $20 billion worldwide.

There are many online casinos available for the Kiwi market, but worryingly, many available sites aren’t licensed and regulated. These sites are not safe as they can cause you to lose your hard-earned cash and, even worst, have your identity stolen. This is why all players from New Zealand should only consider real money online casinos that are legit. You will find many premium online casinos for players from New Zealand, and these safe sites even offer free bonuses.

Online gambling, sports betting, and other gambling games have always served as an important entertainment attraction in New Zealand. With the latest technology in casinos NZ, it’s possible to spin the reels of the best pokies at NZ Casinos.

Online Poker

Online poker players and poker players at land-based casinos have been rising in New Zealand. More New Zealanders flock to some of the best online poker sites to take advantage of the hottest games and excellent signup bonuses. The increase in online poker is attributed to the ease of use, with added exposure from big tournaments at NZ Casinos.

In New Zealand, poker players share a thriving community, with many players enjoying poker rooms at top online casinos. Today you can join real money poker games and tournaments at our featured casinos. To get an excellent poker gaming experience, register at your favorite online casino today and get a juicy bonus and Free Spins. Play video poker and other poker games on machines, or join the Live Casino and put on your poker face with real money poker games.

Online Sports Betting

Bets New Zealand Casinos brings New Zealanders all the information you need for an enjoyable and rewarding online betting site experience. You can find the top sportsbooks and regular news, articles, and reviews to ensure you choose an online bookie that best suits you. The betting sites that we recommend cater to New Zealand punters in NZD. All local markets are covered so that you can access the best selection of sports betting odds for domestic and international games, events, and tournaments. Whether you’re following the All Whites, major European football, or A-League teams, on our pages, you will find premium sports books for Kiwis.

Online Bingo House

Remember when we all played bingo games at school, at house halls, or land-based casinos? You can play house online at many of our featured online casinos in New Zealand and see this family-friendly fun game transformed into a digital masterpiece. With so many online casinos for the New Zealand market, you can easily play bingo online, and the experience is equally good, if not better. Try playing at one of our featured casinos. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed. At online casino house games, a person out numbers is replaced by fun gaming features, unique themes, picture-perfect quality, delightful sound effects, and real money prizes.

Can you gamble legally in New Zealand?

From 1935, gambling was legal in New Zealand according to the Gambling Act 20031, gambling was controlled, and gambling problems were addressed in the Gambling Act 2003. However, a New Zealand resident cannot be forbidden from gambling remotely, such as at overseas sites.

This would usually be considered dangerous, as you could become a victim of fraud, and the New Zealand government can’t do anything about it. Don’t leave yourself open to dodgy sites; check out our world-class online casinos and sportsbooks, and get playing today with deposits from only $1.

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