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While going through the payment options of an online casino, there is a probability you have encountered Paysafecard. The method is a hidden gem for those who have never used it. Of course, they will not know how effective it is for online payments.

Paysafecard processes payments through 16-digit pin vouchers you can purchase at local sales outlets. With many transaction methods available in online casinos today, let us see how Paysafecard stacks against them in processing speed.

Paysafecard is Commonly Used With Online Casinos

Paysafecard has a global presence, including online casinos in New Zealand. The payment method has become the go-to option for making casino deposits and withdrawals. Its increase in popularity means it must be doing something right, as no one would patronize it if it were inefficient.

While some payment options require linking to bank accounts, Paysafecard does not. You can make payments independently of your bank account and credit card. That, of course, does not affect its transaction speed or user and fund security.

Paysafecard has become a trusted brand in online casinos, thanks to its effortless and fast transactions. It is a wholly digital service that boasts speeds as if you were giving out physical cash at a land casino.

With that said and done, transaction speed is a highly contested area in online gaming. Many payment methods upgrade their platforms to improve their chances of winning over players. It is a battle of the titans, one in which Paysafecard competes.

Can it take on modern options like cryptocurrencies? What we can say now is the race is going to be a fierce one, as the players have the final say.

Deposits are always almost instant, regardless of the payment method you use. The distinction begins in the withdrawals, with some taking several days to process a payout.

With that in mind, let us see how Paysafecard’s withdrawal speed stacks up against other payment options, including cryptocurrencies.

Paysafecard Withdrawal Speed

While Paysafecard’s withdrawal speed may not be instant, it is not far behind either. The payment option can process payments within 24 hours, provided your online casino has approved your request.

However, it is not uncommon to have instant withdrawals with the payment service. Several factors, like account verification, could delay your payout request. You can initiate payments from your smartphone or PC without hassles.

When initiating withdrawal requests, your casino has to transfer the money to your account. As a result, transaction speeds often depend on how fast the site makes the transfer. If it does it instantly, you should receive the funds in minutes.

Neteller Withdrawal Speed

Neteller is a popular e-wallet for players in online casinos. It offers a digital payment solution for those who want to ditch their traditional credit and debit cards.

With Neteller, you can manage your credit and debit cards, bank accounts, and any other payment structure you have set up. Then transactions become as simple as making a few clicks and swipes on your mobile device.

Neteller gains popularity from its zero transfer fees for international transactions. That, of course, includes paying for bets on online gaming sites.

You can use this method for funding your account and making withdrawals. However, the payout is where a lot of players focus. They need to know that a payment option can deliver in the shortest possible time.

Neteller does not disappoint, being a digital payment service. Deposits are instant, while withdrawals often take a bit. They might be instant, but such occasions are rare.

In general, withdrawals with Neteller take one to five business days. That is, in part, because of the processing requirements of your bank since it makes payments to it.

Once you initiate a payment, you can track the transaction in real-time on the platform. However, note your withdrawal limits when requesting from Neteller. That could be one of the reasons you might not receive anything, even after five days.

You can contact customer service if your account is not funded after ten days. Provide some documents, including bank statements, and you should be sorted in the shortest possible time.

Crypto Withdrawal Speed

Crypto withdrawal speed does not need any introduction or fanfare. By now, we know that it rules the world of online payments, thanks to its insane speeds. Regardless of where you are in the world, funding occurs within seconds.

Crypto withdrawal speeds are miles ahead of the competition because of its decentralized system. Things that slow down transactions in other payment options are absent from it. As a result, you get blazing speeds when you initiate a withdrawal.

Popular cryptocurrencies used for withdrawals include Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The most important thing is to have your wallet address correct.

Withdrawals with cryptocurrencies can occur within a split of a second. Blockchain transactions are swift and devoid of third-party bureaucracies that may slow down payments. As a result, they enjoy high patronage from online players, especially crypto enthusiasts.

Visa Withdrawal Speed

Instant withdrawal online casinos may process Visa withdrawals in as little as one day. That happens after they perform internal checks and verifications on your account.

Bank cards like Visa lag behind modern payment methods. Despite the highly secure system they offer, their withdrawal speeds keep scaring players away.

You can get your funds three days after the casino’s approval on a good day. In the worst-case scenario, processing could last up to five or seven days. That is a long wait period by today’s standards.

That said, Visa introduced the Fast Funds service to combat slow transactions among its users. It promises to shorten withdrawals to four hours after approval. We can say it is a good move from one of the oldest payment methods in online casinos.

Conclusion: How Paysafe stacks up

Crypto withdrawal speed holds sway among online payment methods. Its instant transaction processing is still unmatched, even with other modern options of today.

Paysafecard promises payments within 24 hours, which is not far behind the competition. It even edges past options like Visa in transaction speed. Nevertheless, the payment service is yet to match crypto withdrawal speeds.