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Gambling and Gambling Harm Responsibility

An Opinion Essay on Gambling and Gambling Harm Responsibility

Introduction In this opinion essay, I examine two perspectives related to entities responsible for gambling harm. While considering the different perspectives, I offer my thoughts on which entities bear the responsibility for gambling-related harm. My view of the different perspectives echoed throughout the essay is that neither of the entities (government or individual) is to […]
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New Zealand’s Online Gambling Review

The Department of Internal Affairs is conducting an online gambling review in New Zealand due to the ongoing development of gambling in the country over the past 17 years, which has been mainly influenced by online gambling. In New Zealand, domestic online gambling is illegal unless it is provided by authorised providers, such as the […]
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History of the Licensing For Christchurch Casino

The establishment of a new entertainment business sector in Christchurch and throughout New Zealand was marked by the launch of the casino. The city of Christchurch welcomed its first casino guests sometime in 1994. Christchurch has been a significant factor in bringing people back to the city and supporting the community and local businesses by […]
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How to Help a Gambling Addict in NZ

NZ has seen a rise in the number of online casino customers in the last decade. This means there’s a chance that more people are enjoying responsible gambling while some others are getting addicted. Some people can have fun gambling without developing an addiction, but this is not the case for all of us. Even […]
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New Zealand’s Online Casino Gambling Laws

Thanks to the European settlers during the colonial period in New Zealand, betting grew everywhere during the late 19th century and the early 20th century. However, any form of betting was considered illegal by the law, until the 1908 Gambling Act. New Zealand’s gambling industry is worth an estimated $2 billion annually, and with business […]
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