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  2. Local bank highlights the need for gambling blocks

The number of people with online gambling-related problems has been increasing in New Zealand, with one in every four punters reporting that they are experiencing some form of harm. New Zealanders who have suffered injury because of their involvement in the gambling industry now have an additional avenue to seek help from KiwiBank, in addition to the many rules imposed by the various gaming organizations themselves.

For the first time, customers of Kiwibank can restrict their Visa debit and credit cards from being used to make payments to casinos and gaming websites. Hayley Beattie, a member of Kiwibank’s “Make it Right Squad,” came up with a program to assist people battling compulsive gambling.

Who is Kiwibank

Kiwibank is a financial institution that is owned by the government of New Zealand. The bank was established in 2002 and has grown from its roots as a subsidiary of New Zealand Post to become one of the country’s largest financial institutions dedicated to making Kiwis better off.

Former New Zealand politician Jim Anderton envisioned a locally owned and locally operated bank that would function in the best interests of New Zealanders and ensure that profits stayed in the nation rather than being sent overseas. Kiwibank was the result of Anderton’s vision. This New Zealand-based bank has developed some rather creative methods of assessing the tendencies of its clientele. One of them revealed that lockout resulted in more lavish spending on alcoholic beverages, while more extensive credit lines were utilized for gambling at online gambling sites. According to the results of a small internal survey, people were using their overdraft funds to gamble in the expectation of winning money. However, such behavior just resulted in more financial difficulties.

Kiwibank’s system allowed for the barring of credit cards as well as the use of appropriate mobile banking processes in connection with deposits on gaming websites. The central bank of New Zealand commented on the success of the country’s gaming block scheme. Furthermore, some even defend that the latter ought to be legalized and put on the national record.

Kiwibank Lets Customers Block Payments to Online Casinos

When it comes to payments to online casinos and other online gaming sites, Kiwibank has become the first bank in New Zealand to allow people to exclude themselves from using their Visa debit and credit cards. The usage of this instrument is mandatory for those who are addicted to gambling or are in danger of developing a problem with gambling.

Recently, Hayley Beattie, from Kiwibank’s “Make it Right Squad,” worked on this plan to assist New Zealanders who are battling with problem gambling. The majority of clients who were unable to work from home during the alert level 4 lockdown in April and May 2020 had developed a gambling addiction due to their experience.

How Online Casinos Keep Players Playing

Online casinos, a key segment of the online gambling market, have risen rapidly in recent years as a result of technical advancements, mirroring similar general market trends. However, developers have also taken advantage of changing player habits to offer on-the-go games that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from the comfort of the player’s own home.

Mobile casino gaming has grown in popularity as technology has become more accessible. This expansion has been made possible in part by the advent of smartphones, which provide internet access on-the-go. In addition to allowing players to access online casinos from their mobile devices, developers may also use technology to keep gameplay fresh and entertaining and attract and engage players in their services.

How Online Casino Players Can Keep Them Selves Safe from Becoming Problem Gamblers

In terms of time and money, players who engage in excessive gambling are more likely to suffer the consequences of their actions. Almost all of New Zealanders’ top rated online casino brands have hailed this new feature as a significant upgrade over previous versions. According to Beattie, some desperate people to provide for their families turn to gamble as a last resort. They were disappointed since they had hoped to win some money to help them provide for their family. Unfortunately, this is not the case, as they have incurred significant gaming losses and, regrettably, continue to engage in gambling.

They are unable to suppress their need to gamble, although their circumstances have deteriorated. Beattie stated with pride that this choice was very close to her heart and that, even though it was her idea, implementing the project was an effective way to encourage responsible gambling in New Zealand, according to her.

The Problem Gambling Foundation (PGF) has asked for more banks to halt gaming transactions, but they have also stated that the effort to safeguard local people from gambling-related damage does not rest with them. Because online gambling is now accessible to users 24 hours a day, according to Andree Froude, the marketing director of the PGF, the availability of online gambling to users is a problem making self exclusion necessary. This is especially true given that people can now place bets wherever they are by literally using their phones and that such gambling activities are challenging to detect.


Kiwibank, a New Zealand lender, has decided to provide its clients the option to voluntarily restrict gambling transactions as part of its attempts to assist the government in combating the rise in online gambling activity. At least for the foreseeable future, it is the only bank in the country to provide such a block, which has been shown to assist specific individuals in gaining control over their obsessive gambling behaviors.

Kiwibank stated that during the coronavirus shutdown in 2020, increased customer spending was observed, which led to the decision to offer the optional gambling transaction block. Kiwibank made the announcement before announcing the decision to provide the voluntary gambling transaction block. Earlier this year, Julia Jackson, the bank’s head of sustainability, stated that Kiwibank has given its clients the option to suspend themselves from conducting gambling transactions at their own desire. The ban that might be imposed on people’s debit or credit cards is entirely voluntary, and it would essentially prevent them from spending their money on online gambling sites.

So far, just 12 people have opted to use the voluntary ban on online gambling transactions. However, it is estimated that they have saved an average of 10,000 NZ Dollars each since the end of 2020.