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How it's possible to gamble online with instant payouts

Modern payment methods make it easy to enjoy instant payouts at some of the best online casinos in New Zealand. There are multiple factors that play a role in how fast you receive the funds after selecting withdraw, which is what we look at in the article below. The details below will easily reveal how it’s possible to gamble online with instant payouts.

There are a Number of Things To Look for to Get Instant Payouts While Gambling Online

Various factors play a role in withdrawal times, which doesn’t only relate to the banking methods, but also the processing times from the casino. Many payment methods provide instant transfers but are delayed as some casinos have long pending periods.

Other factors that delay payment relate to casino bonuses with wagering requirements. The requirements form part of just about all bonuses, except for those wager free bonus casinos. However, with fair casinos, the requirements are within reason and relatively each to complete. Casinos with higher limits take longer, meaning you have to do much more to withdraw your cash and bonus funds.

Below, we have a look at the other major factors that speed up payment times and make it possible to get your withdrawal the same day! It’s all about choosing the right combination of payment methods and casino services.

Different Withdrawal Methods mean Different Payout Times

Choosing the right withdrawal method is the quickest way to ensure faster withdrawals. As you might already know, there are loads of different deposit and withdrawal methods. Some of these only allow deposits while others offer withdrawals as well.

Bank transfers and credit card withdrawals have become the least attractive for players seeking fast payouts. These typically require 3 to 7 business days, even if the casino offers same day payments. New Zealand only allows offshore casinos to provide online gaming in the country. This means all bank transfers and credit/debit card payments are international transactions that take longer.

Web wallets are the “go-to” option for higher security, lower fees, faster transactions and more account management features. This includes the most recommended options such as Neteller, Skrill, PayPal Casinos and much more. Web wallets have the advantage of instant transfers that take less than a minute to go from the casino’s account to yours. Therefore, the brands offering same day cashouts can process the payments, so you receive it within just 24 hours.

Cryptocurrency methods provide similar benefits as web wallets. Bitcoin for example processes and completes transactions every 10 minutes. Therefore, if a casino is making a payment to your account, you’ll receive it within 10 minutes. Of course, if the casino offers same day payments, it means you’ll receive it within 1 to 24 hours after the request.

Online casinos are now shifting to a completely new way of making instant deposits and withdrawals. It’s known as pay and play casinos, which became popular with Trustly. It allows you to play without the registration process as the payment method provides all the required details. It also offers instant deposits and instant withdrawals through Trustly casinos that have activated the feature.

Smaller Wagering Requirements

Online casino bonuses are usually the biggest cause for delayed withdrawals. When a standard bonus is activated, it’s accompanied by wager requirements. These need to be completed before withdrawals including bonus funds are allowed. Most casinos allow players to withdraw the cash part of their accounts at any time, but it could result in the bonus funds being lost.

The above can be eliminated with casinos offering fair terms and conditions, which means better wagering requirements. It will still require you to wager on games and reach the requirements, but if they are lower, you’ll complete it much faster and turn the bonus into real money as well. Once it’s added to your cash account, you have the option to withdraw everything in your account.

The terms and conditions of bonuses are available on the promotions page of the casino. Alternatively, you can use our casino reviews as our experts have already found the details and make it even easier to find. Our reviews also provide payment details, including withdrawal times.

Wager Free casinos

If you’d like to avoid wagering requirements altogether, either choose a casino without bonuses or simply select one of our leading wager free casinos. These provide bonuses without wagering requirements, meaning the bonuses are real cash.

It’s worth keeping in mind that the casino is at high risk with their bonuses that don’t include wagering. Thus, the offers tend to be somewhat smaller but still offer the same benefits as regular casino bonuses. Players can enjoy everything from no wagering free spins through to cashback bonuses without wagering.

Once you choose one of our brands without wagering requirements, you’ll find the terms and conditions relating to promotions are much smaller. In fact, you won’t have any game limitations, no betting limits and can use the bonus funds as part of your cash balance. Once you decide to withdraw, the process is simplified since no bonus limitations would delay the process. See the best no wagering casinos in New Zealand here.

Crypto Casinos

Cryptocurrency casinos are available in multiple variations as some offer bonuses with high wagering requirements, others with low and some with no wagering whatsoever. As with regular casinos, it’s all about the brand you choose and what they offer.

However, the currency and payment systems are different, which makes these brands as attractive as they are. Players can use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin to instantly transact with the casino and enjoy fast withdrawals. It’s important to choose a brand with fair bonus terms and conditions as these could also result in longer withdrawal times due to wagering requirements.


Technology in payment methods now makes it possible to choose from a broad selection of deposit and withdrawal methods. Each of them has its own benefits, which doesn’t just relate to withdrawal times, but fees, ease of use, availability and security as well.

To find the best combination of benefits, it’s best to choose the type of online casino you want and see what payment methods are available. The banking page and our casino reviews offer detailed info regarding limits, transaction times and pending periods. Be sure to get in touch with the support team at the casino if you struggle to find the relevant details.