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Which Sport is the Best One to Bet on?

Punters can enjoy legal sports betting options at both land-based and online casinos at top-rated sites. Online sports betting is hugely popular, and now with more regions legalizing this popular form of betting, sports punters have better options to wager on their favorite sports. Online sports betting options include online sportsbooks run by bookmakers, with many popular sports available.

Our article will cover the top sports to bet on and include tips and tricks to maximize your real money bets. Placing a sports bet at an online sportsbook can be a thrilling experience for anyone, but only the right site will ensure your sports betting experience goes off smoothly.


Sports betting - basketball

Hugely popular at online sportsbooks, basketball draws a big crowd, and the game is so famous that all sports betting sites offer this sport. Whether it’s March Madness or the NBA, if you are looking for the best basketball online betting sites, you’re at the right place. While many sportsbooks accept basketball betting, we are only interested in those sites that provide the best NBA odds, markets, and special offers. The first step when betting on basketball online is to determine your chance of winning by looking at the odds offered. For example, let’s imagine a match in the NBA between the Dallas Mavericks and the Golden State Warriors, with the Warriors being the favorites to win. With a prediction of 5/4 success of the Mavericks, a Dallas Victory will not be likely.

Horse Racing

horse racing

One of the most popular types of sports to bet on globally, there is nothing quite like a day at the races. There’s a thrill in watching thoroughbreds thundering down the tracks. The atmosphere is electric, and seeing your horse cross the finish line is a thing of pure adrenalin. Online sports betting on horses is fun, but if you want to win, you must do some research. Shop for the best odds at our featured online sportsbooks. We recommend you sign up for more than one online sportsbook to compare odds, which can lead to bigger winnings. In horse racing, you can place multiple bets, such as Exacta bets, to pick two horses for first and second place. With quinella bets, you don’t have to specify which horse to win and which to come second, and match-up bets allow you to choose the winner between two specific horses. Start small, and place small bets while you’re learning the ropes.


sports betting - esports

Esports is predicted to be one of the biggest growing industries, and more and more bettors are turning towards this exciting market. Set to generate a revenue of $1.8 billion in 2022, the eSports market is still relatively new, but demand is growing. Although still new, eSports includes betting on MOBA, FPS, RTS, racing, League of Legends, Dota2, and sports simulations. Punters can place simple bets such as 2-way (in matches without draws) and 3-way (in matches with draws) bets. Double chance betting works with 3-way matches to help you increase your chances of winning, and while the odds are much smaller, many online sports betters love them for minimizing the risk.


sports betting - soccer

Suppose you’re a soccer fan who does not miss a match and wants to dabble in online sports betting. In that case, you will have to play at reliable platforms, such as Best New Zealand Casinos, where you will get all the necessary information about specific matches. Sports betting on soccer is easy but requires special preparation so you don’t lose your hard-earned cash. Betting on soccer matches online can be done on international events such as Champions League, Premier League, and Europa League. However, if you’re a newbie, we suggest you wait to make bets until you study the game and understand the strategy, then place multiple bets with low odds, like 1.20-1.40.


sports betting - tennis

Very few online sports can match the glamorous allure of tennis, as it combines hard-hitting action with tournaments set in exotic locations. More and more online sports punters are starting to use online sports betting sites to bet on tennis. One of the best tips we can offer is to look for free bets, as they give a no-risk way of starting. Sportsbooks provide free bets to their clients when a free account is created at the sportsbook. Tennis betting is also worth getting involved with in-play wagering, where you can place bets while the action unfolds. You won’t have to be around when the game is being played, and this is easily achieved with mobile betting apps.


sports betting - boxing

Boxing is a sport that will always have a passionate fan base, and while boxing betting isn’t unlike other sports, there are some differences. Boxing is constantly evolving. When you study boxing matches in the early 1900s, you will see how much boxing has evolved over the years. There are many options available for betting on boxing. Besides betting on a fight winner, nowadays, most online sportsbooks allow their members to place a wide variety of bets on different match-ups, such as a match winner, called Moneyline betting. Boxing Prop Bets enable fans to bet on specific events occurring during a match, such as making wagers on who might be the next opponent for a particular fighter. With boxing, placing wagers at the right time offers betting odds with incredible opportunities to cash out.


sports betting - mma-ufc

Mixed martial arts (MMA) dates back to ancient Greece, but it has become a global phenomenon in recent years. MMA presents some unique opportunities, and unlike team sports, many players are pulling your attention. However, you have two fighters to analyze, and here it’s best to conduct in-depth research to explore the upcoming fight from every possible angle. If you’re an online sports bettor that loves wagering on fight sports, while there are only a few major boxing bouts per year worth putting some action on, the UFC is the most significant card. To get more from this sport, play close attention to the weigh-ins which take place the day before the bout, and if you want to get great payouts on an MMA fight, it’s best to shop multiple sportsbooks.

The Verdict

To ensure the safest online casino sites for New Zealanders, our team of casino professionals tests every online casino that comes their way. This way, they can sift out the not-so-desirable from the desirable so that you will always find the safest sites. At Best New Zealand Casinos, we check every area of the sportsbook, including their reputation and the sports varieties on offer. This makes it easy for Kiwis to find a new safe and regulated sports betting site for real cash wins.