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  2. Will Casinos Be Replaced by Online Gambling? 4 Factors to Consider

It all depends on which stage of evolution you wish to start the debate, without going too far back in history, land-based casino legacy includes the thrill that sends thousands to Las Vegas. Gambling online excites via an endless array of advantages, ranging from huge varieties and vast numbers of online casino games to sports betting without the need to travel. Convenience and avoidance of travelling as well as refreshment expenditure are attractive propositions to many, although others long for an opportunity to dress up and meet with like minded peers and socialize.

Dozens of reasonings arise as regulations and legalities are thrown into the debate, a few of these include the gambling act and minors gaining access to online gambling. Quickly silenced by new geolocation technology and player verification.

There is also the statement that problem gamblers have unrestricted access to online gambling, which increases the chances of gambling harm. Silenced even quicker by the comprehensive and highly responsible gambling protocols at NZ online casinos, light-years ahead of that at land-based casino venues.

The facts continue to roll in when the debate goes towards criminal activities that are more likely to take place online. Since there is no evidence corroboration points out that due to strict player verification, land-based might be even a little easier to stay anonymous than online gambling.

Is it still fair to say it comes down to personal choice in entertainment as to where players prefer to spend money? While the online casino industry continues to grow, the New Zealand gambling industry is booming, and offshore gambling participation is not illegal for Kiwis. Currently, the New Zealand Government control all types of gambling and betting in the country, including fair and responsible gaming, and the prevention of abuse or misuse of budgets or funds. Taking all into consideration, the main question remains, will online gambling replace casinos?

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1. Gambling at Home is More Convenient

Gone are the days when online gambling was a small little niche on the side, combined with mobile casinos offering unbeatable gaming and betting opportunities. The main benefit of online playing and betting is the convenience of playing at home or anywhere you go, regardless of the gambling activities you favour.

Benefits of playing online casinos

The benefits of online games are the quality and quantity of online slots and other betting products, such as tables, online poker, and live dealer. A study aimed at betting speeds and the trends over the last decade indicates that gamblers prefer the fast services available at internet gambling sites. Online services include massive and ongoing bonuses gainable via low minimum deposits, instant withdrawal of winnings,

Advantages of online sports betting

Gambling opportunities are not limited to casinos but also include sports betting on all types of sports, including racing events, football matches, and e-sports betting. Great odds are a big draw and options include in-play bets and constantly updated results and statistics on every sporting event. An undeniable fact is that it is way easier to bet on or gamble from the comfort of your home.

2. While Others Avoid Staying at Home

Most people who enjoy visiting land-based casinos like entertainment in a social environment and dressing up, dining and meeting friends, part of it. On-site casino visits normally take place locally, while visits are quite common to others during holidays, even for individuals who don’t normally gamble.

The on-site visits do not take place daily, weekly, or even monthly, it is not scheduled regularly since it remains more of a special occasion like vacations, birthday or other celebrations. Playing in the casino games arena is not always the focus of the visits, which can include seeing a movie, fine dining, or watching a show. Mobile devices and desktop computers are part of our everyday life, which places online casino gaming right at our fingertips.

3. It is Possible for Casinos to Change 

One thing that is unavoidable for casinos is change. According to numerous studies, the younger generation is less attracted to traditional slot machines, which confirms the decline in use. New Zealand land-based gambling changed slightly due to the removal of several pokie machines to create room for a larger number of trendy entertainment forms, including table games.

Online Casino Growth is Limitless

The growth of online gaming is limitless and as gambling laws change and become laxer, the growth potential only becomes higher. Growth is inevitable across all industries to cope with our faster way of life and society’s demand for convenience. What limits the growth of brick-and-mortar locations are increasing expenses, limited floor space, and the addition of new games that are not as effortless as with online sites.

Technological Advancements

Online gambling products are rapidly progressing to offer a remote interactive gambling experience, games are more engaging and global tournaments continue to attract competitive players. There is also a massive increase in the number of online gamblers who prefer playing at live dealer tables in the company of global participants. The technological advancement that is bound to push online gambling further into the lead includes virtual reality, artificial intelligence, OCR, and gamification.

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4. Hybrid Models are Already Available

The greatest hybrid models include the combination of slots and bingo in Slingo, and placing bets online while the actual game takes place at real-life casino sites. No matter how you look at it, digital gambling sites embrace modern technology, which not only includes a variety of traditional favourites but also new versions of poker, blackjack, roulette and more. With floor size limitations removed and technology, the possibilities are boundless.

What is a hybrid Casino?

A hybrid casino offers the ideal combination of a modern cryptocurrency and fiat currencies experience, by merging both to offer a unique and exciting gaming environment. Hybrid casino sites offer players access to provably fair Bitcoin and games by leading software developers and cater to players looking for an experience that includes something different and new.


By incorporating the best of crypto and fiat currencies, hybrid casino sites provide a secure privacy-first experience, backed by independently verified provably fair systems. This offers players the perfect opportunity to enjoy the games they enjoy with complete peace of mind, especially if they do not wish to share their financial information via the Internet. Benefits also include the most affordable fees, higher deposit and withdrawal limits, larger bonuses, and anonymity.


The most commonly accepted cryptocurrencies in online gambling in New Zealand include Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Bitcoin. The utilization of blockchain technology enhances security, while high-rollers or high-stakes gamblers are not limited in the amount they can deposit or withdraw.

Fast payout

The biggest and best benefit of playing at online sites is a deposit that instantly clears, allowing immediate claiming of a bonus, leading to a fast payout of winnings. The fastest payout methods available in New Zealand include e-wallets and instant payouts by cryptocurrencies.