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Online players, including Kiwis, have the strangest, most fascinating, and often weird rituals they believe will bring them that extra bit of luck when playing at top rated online casinos NZ. Resorting to rabbit feet, lucky charms, and four leafed clovers to curry Lady Luck’s favour are just some of the peculiar things people have placed their belief in for thousands of years. But where did they originate, why do so many players still swear by them, and do they actually work?

Superstitions are beliefs rooted in cultural traditions or coincidence with no facts or logic coming into consideration. Some of the most common beliefs include beginners’ luck, bad luck strikes in threes, unlucky Friday the 13th, and itchy palms. The not-so-secret superstitions many New Zealanders hold as true include never placing new shoes on a table, never opening an umbrella in the house, and always tapping the sides of a plane before flying.

The three most widely practiced superstitions are what you eat, what you wear, and where you sit. Poker players pay huge attention to what they wear from their socks to their baseball caps. Food is vital and most are not healthy choices, it normally comes in the form of a specific midnight snack, like nachos with a specific dip.

But what really happens behind closed doors when New Zealanders find the best New Zealand online casinos suited to them with a fantastic minimum deposit casino bonus? Do they rely on and enact some of these superstitions for good measure? In this article, we unpack some of these weird and wacky beliefs and see what it’s all about.

Number 1: Blowing on the dice

Blowing on the dice is an attempt to influence Lady Luck to turn the roll in their favour, but so is breathing on playing cards, and warming up the dice by rubbing them in their hands. Blowing on the dice occurs by picking up the dice before an all-important roll, before the player or his lady friend blows or breathes on it. This is believed to imbue a part of themselves, their hopes, and positive energy, into the dice.

Bowling on dice

Rubbing Dice

There are also the fame rubs in which it is believed that rubbing the dice on one of the notable gamer’s autographs can result in a higher or lower roll. And there’s a technique to follow here – a left-to-right rub encourages a higher roll, while right-to-left is for a lower roll. Imagine that?

Dice Pep Talk

Should everything else fail, most players will use a different technique in which they inspire the dice via a pep talk or two. Until now, most players are divided about an effective approach, some believe the dice respond better to serious threats, while others feel it is better to have a nice chat that appeals to the honour of the dice to enjoy great results.

Number 2: Carrying rabbit feet

The superstition that rabbit feet are the ultimate lucky charm dates back to the 1800s when it was believed that witches could take on the form of a rabbit. This resulted in many rabbit kills so that their feet could be used as protective objects possessing magical powers to ward off evil and bring good fortune to the carrier.

Interestingly, the belief that a rabbit’s foot brings good luck is found in many cultures, which is why this belief is shared by many players around the globe. Some believe just having the rabbit feet near them is enough, while others strongly disagree believing it only offers protection if carried in their left pockets or around their neck.

Number 3: Red is for winners

Red is for winners

The superstition about red, in theory, comes from Yin and Yang, in which red is the colour that can kill evil spirits and darkness. In Chinese culture, red represents life and hope and is worn as underwear for good luck. The significance of the colour red has spilled over into gambling, where it is believed to evoke feelings of energy and power. Many players at top-rated online casinos NZ tend to place bets on red while playing roulette or prefer to wear red clothing, even at home, when playing online casino games.

Number 4: Don’t whistle while playing

Superstitious players strongly believe whistling while playing any casino game will bring bad luck. Maybe the idea stems from British sailors who once believed that whistling could lead to strong winds, sometimes dangerously so. In the days of yore, sailors entrusted their lives to great wooden sailing ships driven across oceans by the power of the wind.

They often whistled to overcome extended wind still periods in the doldrums, which often left ships dead in the water without propulsion for weeks, causing the sailors to run out of water and food. Although, whistling is a superstition not only shared by sailors and gamblers but also with actors who believe whistling backstage brings bad luck. We need to close it off here because belief about bad luck encompasses a veritable ton of other tales…

Crossing Legs

One of the oddest superstitions is never to cross your legs, this brings bad luck that can lead to losing money, even while playing at home. This could relate to chiropractors suggesting that crossed legs lead to a bad posture. Crossing your legs is also considered to be rude in some countries, so maybe if you keep your legs uncrossed, luck is more likely to be by your side. Crossing your fingers have the opposite effect and signifies a wish for good luck, or at least negating potential bad luck.

Number 5: Stacking poker chips in the same way

Poker chips stacking levels up there as the weirdest superstitions. Some players will only stack chips twenty high, while others will never do stacks of chips higher than ten. For some, it might only be a habit, although, for others, the way they stack their chips will ultimately influence their results and impact their winnings.

Stacking poker chips

Keeping Lucky Chips near

In most gaming casino groups, one player is considered the lucky one, this could be a player blessed with an inordinate amount of luck or simply a better player. For others in the group, winning chips from this player has a very special significance. These are the chips to keep near, they bring luck, in some cases the lucky player will then adjust their play. Others who wish to get their hands on the lucky chips will bluff more often to try and get a portion of the luckiest chips.

Most popular online casino games that involve lucky streak superstitions

This brings us to more game specific superstitions, and regardless of the type of game players enjoy most, each has some rituals they believe will call luck to their side. Some pokie players believe touching the screen once they start playing at an online casino will transform positive energy into the game to bring winning luck.

“Lucky in cards are those unlucky in love” is a German saying, however, superstition is believed to work both ways, and those lucky in love have less of a chance to win with cards. In some European countries folklore says an itchy left palm means a big payout is near, but if the palm of your right palm is itchy then losing money is just around the corner.

Lucky numbers vary, Western roulette and blackjack players believe the luckiest number is 7. Numerology in China is more complex, combined with 8, the numbers that bring luck are 9, 6, and 3. The unluckiest number in Western culture is 13, whereas in China the unluckiest number is 4, which sounds similar to the Mandarin word for death.

The oldest belief is probably never to count your chips or money while playing a casino game, it likely stems from the proverb “Never count your chickens before they hatch”. Fortunately, playing at the best online casinos eliminates the need to count your winnings, they are always displayed on screen, although many still believe they should stick to old habits. So, the newer trend is to stick something over the display to ensure online players only discover how much they have won or lost once they’ve finished playing.

BestNewZealandCasinos do not mention superstition in online casino reviews, we rather focus on facts that ensure a good decision at our highly recommended top rated online casinos.