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New Zealand is a rather unique market for online casinos as all offshore sites can legally provide gaming services. In fact, no online casinos are not allowed to be registered in the country.

While this provides players with a massive selection of casinos, it’s important to remember that these sites cater to international players. Therefore, various currencies are available, but not all of them include the New Zealand dollar as an option. Joining one of the sites without NZD means you’ll have to use EUR, USD or even GBP to play games. Of course, this introduces currency exchanges, which apply various delays and confusion as all the bonuses, games, banking options and more as players need to convert the currency back and forth to and from NZD.

Luckily, there are hundreds of excellent NZ dollar casinos available, which make it much easier for players to take full advantage of their services in their home currency. Not only does it eliminate the need to exchange but depositing in NZD means faster NZ casino payouts as well.

In the article below, we take a closer look at why depositing in New Zealand dollar provides better benefits for players who want to make the most of gaming while also adding the standard benefit of faster withdrawals.

No currency conversion means quicker payouts

To best understand the advantages of using an NZD casino, it’s important to consider the delays that form part of payments when using a different currency. Once withdrawals are approved, the payment process begins as the casino sends your payment. However, because this is a different currency that’s not supported by the casino, the transaction is delayed as funds are converted first. This would also result in receiving a different amount than expected as the exchange rate might have changed, and exchange fees apply.

In comparison, players who use NZD casinos and are withdrawing to an NZD account would avoid those delays and fees without losing any other benefits from the casino. Withdrawals are processed much faster and transactions clear in your account faster as it becomes a national payment instead of international. Therefore, payment times are similar to sending funds from one NZ account to another instead of sending funds to other countries. Players can also count on much lower or no fees at all, depending on the payment method used.

Know exactly what an offer will cost

In addition to much faster and cheaper withdrawals, NZD casinos also provide all their financial details in your local currency. Therefore, it’s much easier to understand the bonus itself, the minimum deposits, what the bonus consists of and how much you’ll actually receive.

For example, joining a casino with a $5 minimum deposit in USD would be frustrating as you’ll need to deposit higher based on the exchange rate. Thus, instead of enjoying the low $5 deposit, you’ll need to deposit at least NZ$7 or higher. While this might not seem like a major disadvantage, the exchange would apply to all the games you play, promotions, withdrawal limits and much more.

On the other hand, joining NZ$5 minimum deposit casinos would actually allow you to deposit NZ$5 irrespective of any exchange rates as this is in your local currency. The bonus you receive with the deposit would also be displayed in NZD, allowing you to know exactly how much bonus cash you’ll receive. Even free spin bonuses would be easier to understand as the winnings you trigger are in NZD.

While playing games, you’ll be able to wager in NZD, allowing you to know exactly what amount you’re wagering with each round and how much you’ve won in bonus features and combinations. Casinos that accept NZD ensure all their games provide the currency, ensuring your accurate account balance is displayed, jackpot values are in NZD and possible rewards in the pay table also display your currency.

Basically, you’ll find the entire casino caters to players in New Zealand, which means all your rewards and benefits are made for you! This even applies to VIP levels and loyalty programs that increase based on how much you’ve wagered. Using a different currency would result in inaccurate information as exchange rates apply. For example, instead of earning a point for even NZ$10 you’ve played, you’ll now need to play more to earn the same point or reach a higher VIP level.

New Zealand friendly casinos are just better

Casinos that provide games in GBP, USD and EUR cater to players in the related country. Thus, players using GBP would have access to a game selection perfectly suited for players in the UK. While these games are still of the highest quality, they might not relate to your gaming desires and include the titles others are playing in New Zealand. Whereas NZD casinos strive to deliver the best opportunities for players in New Zealand.

This applies to the game selection and the featured developers that have ensured their games support NZD. While the games themselves wouldn’t be different in terms of features and rewards, the selection would have a few unique benefits. It would include developers that cater specifically to NZ players, including themes, features, terminology, currency and game details.

In addition to games, you’ll also find promotions that are specially created for players in New Zealand. You’ll also have access to better support that’s available when you need them with answers that directly relate to games and services available to the country.

For convenient, reliable Fast payouts use an NZD casino

Overall, joining NZD casinos with the fastest payouts makes more sense on all possible levels. New Zealand is one of the leading online casino markets, thanks to players having legal access to international casinos that cater directly to the region. Thus, for the best account details, promotions, winnings, fairness and security, NZD casinos are by far the best choice!