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Playing at the Best New Zealand online casinos should be an enjoyable experience, and when it comes to funding your online casino account, one of the best options is Paysafecard vouchers. Better known as Paysafe vouchers, these prepaid vouchers are a form of eWallet, which have been around since the early 2000s. Created by the Paysafe Group, Paysafe vouchers are electronic vouchers with numerical codes. They are a safe, secure and convenient online payment method and the codes work the same as any prepaid voucher. After registering an account at an online casino, Kiwis just need to enter their voucher code in order to play.

There are several Paysafecard casinos in New Zealand, and most have a plethora of casino games and exciting bonus offers for all Kiwis. If you are an avid player and want to learn more about Paysafe vouchers, we are here to help. We have provided an in-depth article on these vouchers and how to buy them online to fund your NZ casino account.

What Are Paysafe Vouchers?

Paysafe vouchers are 16-digit electronic payment codes and these are used to pay bills. It can also be used to pay for various online activities including at NZ online casinos. Paysafe vouchers are popular because no banking transactions are involved, and everything is done with the electronic voucher code.

There are two types of Paysafe vouchers – an electronic voucher code and a standard physical print out copy of the voucher code. Both voucher types work the same, and both have 16-digit codes, with the only difference being that one is an electronic voucher and the other is a print out receipt.

Kiwis who want to purchase a Paysafe voucher can do so at various outlets, which we will cover later in this article. Various voucher values are available to players, starting from as little as NZ$10 up to NZ$200.

Why Use Paysafe Vouchers in NZ?

If you are looking for a fast, efficient and secure payment option for your online casino account, then Paysafe vouchers are the perfect choice. We understand that not all players are comfortable with having an online casino brand appear on their bank statements. Since Paysafe vouchers are electronic codes, you do not need to submit bank details when funding your account. in addition, it has incredible security and privacy features with top-of-the-range encryption protocols. Another perk is that it will never expire as long as you keep the voucher code safe, you can use it at any time.

Benefits of using Paysafe Vouchers:

✅ Paysafe vouchers are prepaid, so there are no authentication issues.
✅ All Paysafe voucher deposits are instantly processed into NZ casino accounts.
✅ All NZ Paysafe casinos offer players free deposits when using Paysafe vouchers.
✅ Paysafe vouchers are safe and secure to use.
✅ Can trigger multiple bonus offers with Paysafe deposits.
✅ Paysafe vouchers are convenient to purchase, and thousands of stores and online sites sell them.

Where to Buy Paysafe Vouchers Online?

Where to Buy Paysafe Vouchers

So, now that you have learnt about the benefits of using Paysafe vouchers at NZ online casinos let’s look at where you can purchase them.

If you want to purchase a physical Paysafe voucher, thousands of retail stores across New Zealand sell vouchers to all Kiwis. You can use the Paysafe Sales Outlet tool to find your nearest retailer in New Zealand. See our guide on how to use Paysafe vouchers here.

However, you are in luck if you choose to buy the voucher online directly from the Paysafe website. Paysafe has developed a state-of-the-art app for all users to register and purchase electronic voucher codes. This is known as myPaysafe and is a personal online payment account which allows users to pay for each electronic voucher with a username and password instead of the long codes. The Paysafecard app is available to all IOS and Android users and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. There are several benefits of purchasing an electronic voucher including free sign-up. All passwords are also in one secure account, which can access a Paysafe rewards program with plenty of perks and prizes.

The main reason users purchase an electronic Paysafe voucher is due to the convenience and security. With an electronic voucher, there is no risk of losing the voucher code or rushing to a store before closing. Beside the myPaysafe online account we have covered, other excellent websites and online stores sell these online vouchers. Each site we have listed below is safe, secure, reliable, and convenient to use. So, whether you want to gift a voucher to a loved one or are looking for a voucher to use at an NZ online casino, these sites are the perfect option. Below is our list of trusted NZ online sites which you can use to purchase a Paysafe voucher:

How to Buy Paysafe Vouchers?

Purchasing a Paysafe voucher online is straightforward and below we discuss how to buy a Paysafe voucher online through various channels.

Buying a Paysafe voucher online through the Paysafe website/App

  1. Download the Paysafecard App from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  2. Create a username and password for your myPaysafe online account
  3. Click the purchase banner and select your Paysafe voucher amount
  4. Authorize the payment, and once approved, your electronic Paysafe voucher will be issued

Buying a Paysafe voucher via trusted online sites        

  1. Access your desired online site that sells Paysafe vouchers
  2. Register and create an online account
  3. Click the purchase banner and select the Paysafe voucher option
  4. Initiate the purchase process by selecting our Paysafe voucher amount
  5. Authorize the payment, and once approved, your electronic Paysafe voucher will be issued

Using Paysafe Vouchers

Making deposits at NZ Paysafecard casinos is an effortless process that only takes a few steps and can be done seconds. Below, we provide a step-by-step guide on how to deposit with Paysafe vouchers:

  1. Step 1 – Visit your preferred NZ online casino website and log into your casino account.
  2. Step 2 – Access the cashier portal and click on the deposit option.
  3. Step 3 – Select the Paysafe voucher deposit method. 
  4. Step 4 – Enter your deposit amount and your 16-digit voucher pin code.
  5. Step 5 – You can play games and trigger bonuses once your deposit has been processed.
Paysafecard Safety Tips

Safety Tips

Since Paysafe vouchers are 16-digit codes, keeping them safe at all times is important. Irrespective of whether you have an electronic voucher or a physical voucher, you must keep your voucher close by. Below are some standard tips to keep your vouchers safe:

  • Don’t share your voucher code with anyone
  • Keep your physical voucher code in a safe place like your wallet
  • If using the myPaysafe online account, use a secure and strong password for your account
  • Never purchase an electronic voucher code from an unauthorized website
  • If your myPaysafe account has been hacked, immediately contact the support team and block your account


How can I check my Paysafe voucher balance?

Visit the Paysafecard website to check the balance on your voucher. Enter your 16-digit voucher code under the check balance tool.

Are Paysafe vouchers refundable if unused?

You can get reimbursed for unused Paysafe vouchers, and generally, reimbursement can take eleven working days. You will need to submit an application for reimbursement via the Paysafecard website.

Can I combine multiple vouchers for one purchase?

You can combine up to ten Paysafe voucher codes for a larger transaction, usually only for electronic online vouchers. If you purchase a physical copy of a Paysafe voucher, you must enter each voucher individually at an NZ Paysafe casino.

What should I do if I lose my Paysafe voucher?

If your Paysafe voucher is lost or stolen, contact the customer support team and have them block your voucher code and myPaysafe online account. The support agent will advise you on how to apply for reimbursement of your voucher code.