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Everything You Need to Know About Those Online Casino Promotions!

Online Casino Promotions can include a lot of freebies!

One of the major differences between brick-and-mortar casinos and online casinos are the enticing online casino promotions. Go to any casino on the globe and you’re likely to be rewarded with free spins of chips when you make your first deposit. But, when you play at online casinos, there is a range of exciting promotions to choose from, including free spins and no deposit bonuses.

The Difference Between Online Casino Promotions and Their Land-Based Counterparts

Land-based casinos usually offer different promotions to keep players in the establishment, such as free drinks, good looking dealers and VIP perks. Online casinos can’t offer those types of perks, so they focus instead on promotions that entice players to open a new player account, such as free spins and even free money to get you started.

We know just how competitive the online casino industry is, which is why operators work hard to out-compete one another with great offers. It’s all good news for you as you can take advantage of free money promotions and spins to try out a casino before even making a deposit.

Doesn’t free money equal a loss for casinos, though? Well, yes, but it’s worthwhile for operators to make a minor loss in return for a player’s data. It means that once a player has signed up, they’ll be put on the casino operator’s marketing list in the hope that they’ll get around to depositing real money. It’s a good strategy and one that proves successful due to the high number of people who become regular players, which means promotional costs are covered in the long-run.

Limitations and Terms and Conditions

Beware, though, that there is always some sort of limitation on free money promotions to ensure the operator doesn’t run at a complete loss by having to pay out heaps of cash for free promotions. If you do take advantage of a no deposit bonus, you will likely have to wager a certain percentage, which in some cases, can be as much as 100x.

In many instances, online casino operators do add a clause to their promotion terms and conditions stating that players are to make a deposit before they can access any winnings made through the no deposit bonus. Online casinos do this as a way of combatting fraudsters since it allows operators to confirm your identity. In most cases, before you can make a withdrawal, you must provide the casino with the necessary identity documents.

Try Before You Deposit

Most of the time, online casino promotions are a fun way to try out a different platform without risking your own money. You’re not going to get particularly rich the promotions thanks to the terms and conditions or limitations, but they’re a good way to boost your bankroll, to begin with. There are plenty of free bonus offers on the market, adding to the thrill of playing online games from slots to keno, poker and everything in between