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The perks of Bitcoin and why it's a popular payment method for Kiwis

It was once famously stated that Bitcoin is a tool freeing humanity from tyrants and oligarchs, dressed up as a type of get-rich-quick scheme. It is a profound observation inspired by Bitcoin’s transformative potential and appeal to individual self-interest. From inception to full fruition – in terms of technology – it’s nothing short of extraordinarily impressive. Bitcoin works with (instead of against) what could be flawed human nature to ultimately achieve meaningful change globally.

In truth there is a lot more to the cryptocurrency than meets the eye, especially for New Zealanders focused on the most convenient aspect of playing at the best online casino NZ.  Interesting fact is that more and more players prefer Bitcoin online casinos NZ and since its creation, the functionality has remained at 99.99%.

Part of the fascinating Bitcoin world is that there are that are more millionaires globally than bitcoins available – imagine that. Before the transition to renewable energy sources, the amount of energy to mine bitcoin was compared to that of a mid-sized country. It’s a reminder of a response by a big roller at one of the Bitcoin online casinos NZ – who once said he likes his bitcoins the same as his gold – mined by others.

Bitcoin Online Casino Statistics

  • Globally, the casino industry is worth $280 billion, while the crypto gambling market is $250 million.
  • Bitcoin wagering since 2014 reached over $4.5 billion and currently over 337 bets are placed every second by crypto players.
  • The bets placed by crypto gamblers is around $3 million daily and an estimated 60% of Bitcoin transactions are gambling related.
  • The number of crypto casinos at the end of 2021 was 304 and around 77.6% offer provably fair games.

Unregulated Crypto Gambling Market

Many countries lack laws that allow or prohibit crypto gambling, which mostly leaves the crypto gambling market unregulated. Although with millions of dollars in cryptocurrencies currently exchanging virtual hands, governments are bound to seek ways to regulate the cryptocurrency gambling market.

Playing at legit Bitcoin Casinos NZ

Playing at legit Bitcoin Casinos NZ

Our Bitcoin online casinos NZ reviews include legit sites regulated and licensed by the most reputable licensing authorities such as the Curacao Gambling Control Board, the Malta Gaming Authority, and the UK Gambling Commission. After reviewing numerous Bitcoin casinos in New Zealand our experts use comparisons to identify the best online casino NZ.

The Bitcoin casinos we promote offer the best gaming variety, several provably fair titles and unique value-based bonuses. In addition, all sites are fully licensed, they utilize the most advanced security technology, accept payment methods in numerous currencies, and offer lighting fast transaction processing times.

Kiwis can enjoy a great experience at online casinos accepting the encrypted, privacy-centric Bitcoin currency and here are some of the main reasons why it became the currency of choice for online players. Narrowing it down to the five top reasons online players use Bitcoin to fund their casino account include security, privacy, cost-effectiveness, instant transactions, and it is a near perfect solution for online casino platforms.

Perk 1 – Bitcoin is one of the safest methods to use online  

Since the inception of Bitcoin, the number of different cryptocurrencies created reached over 21,000. Currently, Bitcoin remains the most valuable cryptocurrency, followed by Ethereum and Tether. Although Bitcoin is relatively new, its popularity continues to grow, and it recently processed more transactions in dollar value than those processed by PayPal. Financial experts predict that Bitcoin will outstrip Mastercard in 2026 according to the number of transactions and values processed.

Bitcoin is quite the buzzword in online gambling, even with many cryptocurrency options available at the best online casinos NZ, Bitcoin remains the most prominent. One of the main reasons is that Bitcoin ownership is safely validated, stored, encrypted, and recorded on the blockchain. The information online casino players most value, is that to date, there has been no reports of cryptocurrency having been stolen. There has also been no reports of any altering of information on blockchain due to the use of strong encryption methods.

Perk 2– Instant deposits and withdrawals with Bitcoin 

One of the perks of using Bitcoin at the best online casino NZ is transactional speed – they are not only faster but also much more affordable. Bitcoin fast payment method is the perfect choice for players from New Zealand who prefer incredibly fast deposits and withdrawals. Transactions are completed within minutes and even with slight delays, players almost always have their funds paid within the same day.

The transaction speed at Bitcoin casino NZ is two-fold – Kiwis can claim the best bonuses instantly and start enjoying the huge variety of games. Due to the versatility of the cryptocurrency, it is one of the most preferred in claiming minimum deposit bonuses making it possible to increase your bankroll without overspending.

Perk 3 – No transaction fees with Bitcoin   

The highlight of Bitcoin transactions is the cost effectiveness. At most online casino sites, all transactions are free of charge and even when there is a fee, it is only a fraction of the cost of traditional payment options. The low or no fees benefit both the operator and the player – users get to enjoy more of their winnings and the online casino saves on fees, which ultimately leads to bigger bonus offers.

Apart from the low or no transaction fees, Bitcoin is also the most versatile in terms of minimum and maximum deposit limits. The most trusted Bitcoin online casino NZ makes it possible for high rollers to deposit huge amounts, while still catering to low rollers.

Perk 4 – Bitcoin is accepted around the world

There is a claim that Bitcoin is the currency of the future. We look at generations eager to invest and use in the digital currency. The percentage of cryptocurrency owners according to different generations is 10% for baby boomers born between 1946 to 1964. Gen X’s born between 1965 and 1980 holds 20%, while Gen Z’s born between 1977 and 2012 holds 13%, and Millennials born between 1981 and 1996 holds the highest of 57%.

Made specially to cater to online use, Bitcoin is a near-perfect payment solution for online casino players around the globe. It is the payment option that caters to the digital age, unlike other options mostly adapted to the era of technological advancements. Optimized for online, Bitcoin guarantees high levels of efficiency, privacy, ease-of-use, and security.

Perk 5 – Players can gamble anonymously

Bitcoin is most favoured for its pseudonymity – which is near-anonymous – enabling players to use an identifier that enables them to avoid providing their real name or exposing their sensitive information. Transactions do not appear on user’s bank statements and players never have to share their banking details when making a deposit or withdrawal.

It is often seen as the perfect solution for staying safeguarded from cyber-criminal activities while enjoying the immeasurable benefits. What makes Bitcoin secure is the encoding in which the cryptographic hash functions convert a data into an alphanumeric string also called the hash value.

The benefits include anonymous payment in which New Zealanders do not have to share their card or banking details with the online casino. During transactions, Kiwis never share their crypto wallet key, only the public address, making it impossible to access wallet information.

Instant deposits and withdrawals with Bitcoin

How to make Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals 

One your cryptocurrency wallet is funded, only a few steps stand between you and enjoying the best online entertainment money can buy.

  1. Select one of our licensed, regulated and most trusted Bitcoin online casinos NZ.
  2. Register with the online casino by completing registration.
  3. Choose Bitcoin to make your deposits, which will also mean you can withdraw via the cryptocurrency.
  4. Fill in the amount you wish to deposit and the public address of your crypto wallet.
  5. Double check all is correct, finalise the deposit and funds are instantly available enabling you to claim the best bonuses.
  6. Start exploring the games and other real money benefits at the best online casino NZ and have fun.


Is Bitcoin gambling legit in NZ?

Crypto gambling enables players from around the globe to enjoy the best games at Bitcoin friendly casinos regardless of the currency they use or their location.

How can a player open a Bitcoin account?

Opening a Bitcoin account is easier and quicker than most online players expect and starts by visiting a Bitcoin supporting cryptocurrency exchange website. Registering a Bitcoin wallet requires players to choose a strong password and to provide an email address. This is followed by receiving an emailed verification code and you can fund you’re your wallet after verifying your Bitcoin account.

What is the minimum deposit amount at Bitcoin casinos?

Our recommended Bitcoin online casinos NZ is universally acknowledged as the best minimum deposit options and accept deposits from as low as 0,0001 BTC.

Where to find Bitcoin online casinos in NZ?

At BestNewZealandCasinos, we review only licensed and regulated Bitcoin casinos and once we’ve discovered several great sites, we compare all to identify the best online casino NZ. We only recommend the safest, most secure, fair, and trustworthy sites rated on reliability, transaction speed, customer satisfaction and reputation to our New Zealand player audience. Identify the ultimate online experience by reading our top Bitcoin online casinos NZ reviews to find the casino most suited to your personal preferences.