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With New Zealand’s ever-expanding online gambling market, it’s no wonder that many casinos that function online regard the country as a fantastic place to develop their operations. One of the most popular online casino games that have emerged is online roulette. So many platforms have appeared online where players can get the best roulette experience. Read on to find the finest online casinos that will give you the best and safest experience in all of New Zealand!

Is it Possible to Play Roulette Online?

It is definitely possible to play a great roulette on the internet without needing to go to a physical brick-and-mortar casino building. This is an excellent option if you live far from where the casinos are. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. This also gives you a lot more options for games that you might not be able to enjoy at a physical establishment. Many offer a great range of games. That paired with excellent security, software, and players from all over the world is an excellent reason for you to look into playing roulette online.

When looking for an excellent casino to play at, you want to ensure that they check the following boxes:

  • A massive casino with A-grade software so that you have the best experience and know that everything is fair and above board.
  • You also want to see that you have an array of games you can play. Many places will offer you security and safety, which is the ideal starting part. But you’ll get the best experience at a place that offers you several games to play, in case you get bored of a certain game or if enough players aren’t online.
  • Another aspect you might want to consider is how much a welcome bonus it offers. You want to get a handsome 100% welcome bonus so that you can kick off your roulette journey with style.
  • Regarding the legality of playing online roulette, New Zealand doesn’t really have a specific law about playing roulette online with real money. Meaning, it is 100% safe and legal for players to play tons of roulette games every day and win real cash.
  • A few laws were passed some time in the 70s that aimed to address and regulate gambling services and shady bookmakers. But those laws don’t extend to online gambling, so there are quite a few gaps in the law at the moment. It is unlikely that in 2021, players or online casinos will be under any sort of investigation for running a gambling establishment.

Can you Win Real Money Playing Roulette Online?

More often than not, you can most definitely play with and win real money playing roulette at an online casino. There are several ways to get access to casino games online that are free in New Zealand. Many sites offer demos or allow you to play in a free mode.

This is perhaps the most commonly seen method in which casinos let you bet and earn some money for what is often a very low entry barrier. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that nearly all online casinos that offer free demos ensure that real money is involved so that new players get enticed. A lot of these free play or demo mode games have games that are quite easy to play and don’t usually require heavy deposits. You might have to put down a little more if you want to unlock some more games. Like they say, more money, more problems.

Another way is to get access by signing up for a promotion. It shouldn’t be too hard to come by these as they are heavily publicized and promoted. When you have access to these games that give you bonuses for free, you will be able to play free spins or get free credits for the particular casino.

There are so many online casinos that might even give you the chance to win a significant amount of money for free. You can use this money for any other game, either in real life or on the same website.

What is a Top-Paying Online Casino?

If you want to win it big, you always want to make sure that you are at the right place to get what your time and money are worth. Not all online casinos are the same, and you don’t want to end up at a shady place somewhere you don’t get anything back.

A lot of places barely pay anything, while others have inappropriate percentages of payouts. You want to find a place with a high withdrawal limit and eye-catching RTPs ranging from 95% to 97%. The top paying casinos in NZ will have all of these.

Where Can You Play Roulette At A Top Paying Casino?

Two of the best places to try your hand at roulette at an online casino are CasiGo casino and Dunder.


When you join CasiGo, you are offered NZ $1100 and 375 spins for free as an inspiring welcome bonus! The minimum deposit you can put down is as low as NZ$10. It is one of the newest casinos out that that operates almost solely on the internet.

Customers at CasiGo are offered an array of rewards that can make you rich. You also have the option to get bonus match offers, bonuses on cashback, and freespins. When you try out new games, you can get free spins and access leaderboards at a regular interval.


Dunder Casino is one of the best casinos that operate online. It has the most exciting games in New Zealand. Each game shows the average RTP. Dunder Casino gives you basically everything that you might expect from the top online casino in the country. It’s the complete package – wonderful and a people-friendly user interface, and you are allowed to withdraw at basically any time of the day. Here, you are sure to have a gambling session that is pleasurable and well worth your time.


If you’re looking for an easy, safe, profitable, and fun online roulette experience, you pretty much have all the tools you need now. Be sure to check out CasiGo and Dunder casinos. There is a lot to look forward to, and we promise you the best experience.