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Consider the following hypothetical situation: you’ve just won a real money jackpot while playing at your preferred mobile online casino. Your heart races as you think about what you will do with your winnings after they’re cashed out. There is only one issue that you haven’t considered – the casino will not let you cash out your winnings in full. To simplify things, we’ve included a guide on payment limits below, so you’ll know what to anticipate when you register with an online casino in NZ.

Payout Percentage Rates Explained

Naturally, casinos expect to make money—and when a sum of money is bet, they anticipate returning a percentage of the winnings to the player while keeping a portion for themselves as profit. Payout rates can be considered statistics that provide information about a player’s likelihood of winning a particular game. Additionally, it reflects the likelihood of you losing the game in the long run when attempting to get a significant win. They are occasionally referred to as a payout percentage. Their statistics demonstrate the average amount of money spent on a game that can be refunded to you as a participant. They can be portrayed in various ways, and each is significant in its own way. Payout percentages may appear to be a lengthy and complex term to comprehend, but they are not. It is just the expectation that a certain number of players will win on average.

Often abbreviated as Return to Player Percentage (RTP), it refers to the amount of money a casino will return to a player following a wager. For instance, in a 98% RTP game, the casino pays out NZ$98 for every NZ$100 wagered on average. RTP is not commonly calculated based on individual or collective play sessions. It is suggestive over time, and it is title-dependent. Before a casino can advertise it, it may take several tens of thousands of spins, games, or hands.

RTP is a standard metric for online pokies and, on occasion, other games, and it operates the same manner. In most cases, the RTP is between 80% and 90%, depending on the game’s type. The variance also varies according to the casino where you choose to play a specific game. It is critical to note that how cash is distributed to participants differs significantly. Certain players will benefit from constant payouts, while others will be on the receiving end of a losing streak.

Withdrawal Limits Explained

Making a withdrawal should be one of a casino player’s simplest tasks. After all, this is your money, and it should be accessible to you. However, there are occasions when it can be challenging to make a cash withdrawal, even if you’ve followed all the rules.

Each online casino has its own set of limits on the types of withdrawals that players can make. Restriction may take the shape of an ‘Amount Limit,’ a ‘Time Limit,’ or a combination of the two.

  • Amount Limit: When online casinos specify the maximum amount of money that can be withdrawn in a single transaction, this is called an Amount Limit. For instance, a casino may restrict you to a single withdrawal of NZ$4,000.
  • Time Limit: When online casinos limit the number of withdrawals a player can make within a specific period, this is referred to as a Time Limit. For instance, you may be limited to one withdrawal per day.

Time and Amount Limit: Most online casinos impose a time and monetary limit. For instance, you are limited to one cash withdrawal of NZ$6,000 every week.

When you Win Big, Larger Withdrawal Limits are Key

Most players don’t mind these restrictions because they only deposit tiny sums, wager small amounts, and win minimal quantities. When it comes to high rollers, though, these considerations can become rather complicated. High rollers will likewise desire larger withdrawals from their online casino player accounts due to their proclivity to make massive deposits and wagering significant sums. Occasionally, the online casino will make special concessions for wins earned by regular high rollers, although this will need to be negotiated on a specific instance in some situations.

You Never Know when you Will Need to Withdraw a Large amount in a Short Amount of Time

You never know when you’ll require a considerable sum of cash in a short period. As such, you have limited options for modifying the terms and circumstances of online casino withdrawals. Online casinos are entirely free to establish their own terms and conditions. Players who disagree with the terms and conditions have the option of moving on to another casino.

  • Many online casinos impose withdrawal limits, so you can always hunt for better terms on withdrawals.

Look for online casinos that offer more lenient withdrawal terms. These would enable you to make larger withdrawals and potentially more frequently. This information can be found in the terms and conditions section of the online casino’s website. Bear in mind that some of these casinos may have more restrictive bonus and promotion terms and conditions.

Make small deposits. Make no deposit that exceeds the casino’s withdrawal limits. By adhering to this rule, you should be able to withdraw the deposit amount if you change your mind, even if it takes a few days to get your deposited funds.

Become a member of a loyalty program. The more you play, the higher you climb the casino’s loyalty ladder. You might even become a VIP casino player at some point. This category entitles you to various benefits, including enhanced promotions, special incentives, and a larger maximum withdrawal limit.

Negotiate if necessary. If you win a large jackpot, you can either wait the required length of time between withdrawals, which will result in receiving your large prize in installments, or you can always negotiate a one-time hefty payout with the online casino. This can be advantageous for you, particularly if you wish to delay your withdrawal several weeks or even months.


Each casino operator has its unique withdrawal regulations for online casino player accounts. This policy should be found in the casino’s terms and conditions, which are frequently but not always located in the casino’s website’s footer. Because the T&Cs might be somewhat lengthy, it’s easy to miss the withdrawal terms if you’re not looking for them specifically. Even if you did find them, you might not have comprehended them fully or have been too preoccupied with finding low-wagering casino bonuses to contemplate the consequences.