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Bitcoin is an open-source software and payment system first introduced in 2009. As a virtual currency, Bitcoin payments work peer-to-peer – there is no government or authority that controls it. Users can send and receive Bitcoins over the Internet for an optimal fee (or without fee) using the web or software-based wallets. Above all, Bitcoin is indeed known for providing military-grade security. Bitcoin casinos are renowned for providing transparency and clear platform than live dealer casinos. Due to the numerous advantages, one can get with bitcoin, bitcoin casino gambling is now on the rise. Take a look at our recommend Bitcoin Casino below.

Bitcoins can be used at many websites that allow Bitcoin payments. Users can get amenities, shop online or they can use the digital currency at online casinos. Bitcoin casinos allow users to have all the same features as a normal in-person or online casino but with the added protection of keeping users anonymity and without the need of bank account information. Since gambling with bitcoins is just new, you must consider several aspects as you need to learn important things such as how to use them?  In this article, we will learn how to deposit with bitcoins at online casinos. Read on to find out how.  

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Step 1 – Getting Started with Bitcoin

Bitcoins aren’t that complicated as they are believed to be! However, Bitcoin users have to meet certain easy conditions before being able to deposit coins into their accounts.  

  • First, you have to create your personal Bitcoin wallet by signing up at a reputed company amongst the very best in offering this service. Make sure you go for genuine Bitcoin providers.  
  • Choosing a wallet from a reputable company will enable you to protect your coins even when you’re not using them. The process normally takes a few minutes because only on the provision of your username, password and email address you’ll be through with signing up for your wallet. Below are examples of wallets you can choose from; 
  • Hardware Wallets: Trezor or Ledger 
  • Cloud wallets: Coin Base and Blochain.info 
  • Desktop client wallet: Electrum, and Bitcoin Core 
  • After getting your wallet you’re able to receive payments from your wallet supplier-given address but if any case you want to use the online casinos for making payments, topping up your Bitcoin wallet will be necessary. There are a number of ways by which you can buy Bitcoins. 
  • The easiest way to buy a Bitcoin involves visiting a Bitcoin exchange from which you can enter the amount of money you’re willing to spend on coins, type in your wallet address then select a payment method. In a few seconds, you shall have received funds at the given address thus be ready for use. To increase your scope and flexibility, here is a description of this and other methods you can use to get Bitcoin. 

Step 2 – Getting Bticoins 

Listed below are some of the means by which you can acquire Bitcoins: 

  • Gifts from friends and family: This is often the first way people avail a Bitcoin. However, this can only happen if people in your circle like using Bitcoins.  
  • Purchase from people via online websites: Nobody would want to give you Bitcoins for free. Therefore, you can buy it from the people around you. There are some really effective websites in connecting buyers of bitcoins with genuine sellers around them. 
  • Exchanging your Fiat at a Bitcoin ATM– This is one of the simplest way to get Bitcoins but only if there is a Bitcoin ATM around you. It entails inserting bills into a slot on the machine and displaying the QR code representing your wallet public address on a scanner. The good news is you can visit Coin Base Bitcoin ATM Map for a list of updated Bitcoin ATMs. 
  • Buying from Bitcoin Exchanges– This is one of the most common ways of getting Bitcoins. Bitcoin exchanges are online platforms from which one can buy and sell Bitcoins. Most common ones include Bitstamp and Coin Base. 
  • Acquiring resources and mine– This was one of the most used ways during the early days of Bitcoin but due to the increased difficulty in mining with time, you cannot really rely upon this choice. 

Step 3 – Making Deposits with Bitcoins 

Now that you have your Bitcoin wallet loaded with bitcoins and you want to make Bitcoin deposit at an online casino operator of your choice, the question now becomes; How do you do it? You should never worry about that because Bitcoin deposits are done in a few minutes. 

  • To start making your deposits, you have to visit the cashier while logged into your account then select Bitcoin. On the deposit screen, there will be the Casino’s wallet address you’re to use while making payment plus the QR code to be scanned, an excellent option for mobile gamers. 
  • In a case where the mobile device with your bitcoin wallet has got a camera, send in the wallet, input the gambling site’s address and scan the QR code. Enter the amount you’re to send from the device and hit the `send’ button. Copying and pasting the public address into the text form your wallet is another option. This would apply in a case where your wallet device lacks a camera for scanning the QR code. 


Make sure to never transfer your Bitcoins directly to the casino account from an online exchange. It is highly recommended to first transfer them to your wallet and then to the online casino. Searching for a reason why? This is because a number of cases where online Bitcoin exchanges block client accounts due to such transfers have been reported. 

It’s also important making sure the amount you’re sending or depositing be inclusive of the miner’s fee which goes to those maintaining peer to peer network responsible for supporting, verifying and confirming Bitcoin transactions. Hitting the send button on your wallet, it will take a few minutes and the money will be reflected on your account’s website. After that, you’re now ready to kick off placing bets on the go via your mobile device or however else you like it. 

Step 4 – Spending Bitcoins at Online Casinos 

Besides shopping online, Bitcoins can be spent at online casinos that accept this virtual currency. After you register a Bitcoin wallet and load it with Bitcoins, you can sign up with a reputable and trustworthy online Bitcoin casino and make Bitcoin transactions. 

The transactions are usually processed instantly and players can start playing games right away. However, sometimes they can take up to 30 minutes to arrive. To send Bitcoins to your online casino account grab the recipient address from the online casino site or from the wallet you want to transfer Bitcoins to and click on the Send button. 


Making deposits using Bitcoins is not a difficult process – it is rather more straightforward than methods such as the use of credit card. Provided you have your Bitcoin wallet funded it’s fast and cheaper than any other online monetary transaction. Therefore, Bitcoin currency is quite simple and easy to use. To use it at online casinos, players must have Bitcoin wallet loaded with Bitcoins and send them to the provided online casino Bitcoin address. Transactions are also processed fast and, in most cases, without any additional fees. 

Bitcoin casinos are safer, more accessible and much better than other live casinos. Before, deciding to play on a Bitcoin casino, one must refer to an authentic Bitcoin gambling guide and then proceed to play on. The bottom line is that it is essential to play responsibly and place your bets carefully.