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SkyCity Share Plunge Amid Suspension Threats

SkyCity Entertainment’s Shares Plunge After Suspension Threats

One of the best New Zealand casino operators, SkyCity, has come under immense pressure following threats of suspension. As a result, shares of SkyCity Entertainment plunged as much as 18.5% to NZ$1.9 and counting. Responsible gambling has been at the core of the complaint levelled against the operator, which has already damaged the casino’s brand […]
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New Zealand Proposed Pokies Regulations to Reduce Gambling Harm.jpg

New Zealand’s Proposed Pokies Regulations to Curb Gambling-related Harm

With breathtaking landscapes of snow-capped mountain peaks, sun-kissed beaches, and world world-famous hiking trails, New Zealand is a beautiful country. Nestled in the Pacific Ocean, its people are warm and welcoming, and tourists are made to feel at home. New Zealand is also a land of many contrasts – there are five times more sheep […]
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Christchurch Online Casino Launches Amidst Controversy

Christchurch Online Casino Launches Amidst Controversy: A Sneak Peek into its Innovative Features and Legal Hurdles

In a surprise move that has raised eyebrows across New Zealand, renowned brick-and-mortar Christchurch Casino has launched an online version of its casino that has bypassed stringent NZ gambling laws. The casino’s launch has shocked regulators and industry experts, highlighting the innovative methods employed to bypass legal hurdles. As the gambling landscape evolves, citizens and […]
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Hamilton Council's Review of Gambling Policies

Hamilton Council’s Review of Gambling Policies: Class 4 Gambling Venues and TAB Venues

The Hamilton City Council – which reviews gambling policies every three years – relooking its Class 4 policies relating to Gambling Venues and TAB Venues that offer gambling or pokie machines in Hamilton Kirikiriroa. Currently, both policies reduce the number of venues offering gambling machines and regulate gambling activities or sports betting services. The City […]
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Entain's Tab New Zealand and 365scores Partnership Opportunities

Entain’s Tab New Zealand and 365scores Partnership Opportunities 

Entain Australia, one of the largest and most reputed global sports betting and gambling companies, has entered into an exciting partnership with two well-known names in the gambling industry. On 8 June 2023, it published a press release on its official site announcing its acquisition of 365scores and a strategic partnership with TAB New Zealand. […]
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NZ Gambling Act's influence on online casinos

New Zealand’s Online Casino Gambling Laws

Thanks to the European settlers during the colonial period in New Zealand, betting grew everywhere during the late 19th century and the early 20th century. However, any form of betting was considered illegal by the law, until the 1908 Gambling Act. New Zealand’s gambling industry is worth an estimated $2 billion annually, and with business […]
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Who is Andrew Stone

Who is Andrew Stone

When you are looking for the best casinos in New Zealand, top casino bonuses, and insider tips and advice, it helps to have a casino expert whose knowledge you can rely on. We would like to introduce you to Andrew Stone, the brain behind the bonus info at Best New Zealand Casinos! Andrew has worked […]
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Best New Zealand Casinos on FB and Twitter

We are Now on Facebook and Twitter!

Breaking news! Best New Zealand Casinos is now on social media. We have widened our online presence and are now on Facebook and Twitter, and this means more ways for you to access our pages and be one step ahead. When you access our Facebook pages and Twitter feeds, you will keep updated on all […]
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