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Are You Playing at Online Casinos with Bitcoin Yet?

The majority of New Zealand casino players still prefer to play at New Zealand dollar Casinos but there are a growing number of players looking to play at casinos that accept Bitcoin as a deposit currency. The growth in the number of casinos accepting Bitcoin as a payment method has been slower than initially expected with many reputable online casinos feeling that the massive fluctuations in the Bitcoin price make it unsuitable for use as a base currency. The stigma that is attached to cryptocurrencies has also made many online operators wary of getting involved in this area. There are a number of second-tier casinos that have embraced the crypto revolution looking to take advantage of the slow-moving established casino brands.

Casino Recommendations

BestNewZealandCasinos.com has yet to find a casino that they are willing to stand behind that accepts Bitcoin. We have tried a number of these casinos like BitStrarz and Joe Fortune but their lack of licenses, game selection and withdrawal terms has left us feeling suspicious and unwilling to advise players to go and play there. If you are interested in finding trusted online casinos please visit our casino reviews section.


Statistics show us that players win more than just a coin when they hit a big jackpot. And, as the popularity of playing with cryptocurrencies continues to soar, so bonuses, jackpots and high-stakes continue to rise.

Playing at Online Casinos with Bitcoin – The Math

There is some simple math that allows the value of bitcoin to outdo some of the world’s biggest currencies. And, being able to outperform world markets puts the value of bitcoin on a rather high pedestal indeed. Here’s the math – once you leave an online casino operator, you’re holding a currency that increases in value as it begins to become a bigger part of the world we live in. So, more and more online casino players are considering the compound effect of bitcoin. In other words, you can compound the value of your cryptocurrency by using your coins at reputable online casinos that already accept bitcoin as a form of payment.

You Can Win Big Playing with Bitcoin

We know that some of the biggest wins from online casinos come from slots. After all, slots have yielded the highest returns thanks to their popularity. There’s pretty much a slot game or three out there to suit your taste, playing style and personality. All you have to do is pick your game, spin the reels and wait to hit the jackpot. Bitcoin casinos, however, also enable you to rate your buy-in based on a portion of your coins. So, you can break down the value of the coins to adjust to a game’s odds and spend hours enjoying your favourite casino games. There are already plenty of professional casino players out there with a collection of bitcoins they hope to see soar.

Are There Risks Involved?

As with any casino wagering, there are risks to be had when wagering your cryptocurrency. Thus, the smartest move is to just invest a portion of your bitcoin collection. You don’t need to buy in with your entire BTC savings to enjoy slots and table games. Simply play the games you love over a number of hours a day and stand to see your investment rise. As for safety, Bitcoin is unmatched. Bitcoin makes for easier transactions at online casinos, too. It’s all about leveraging more control of your money and eliminating delay when making a deposit or withdrawal. If you do have cryptocurrency to play with, it’s time to find an online casino that accepts BTC as a form of deposit. Just choose this method when you sign up, make a deposit, and you will be able to start playing your preferred casino games immediately.


We believe that Bitcoin has a bright future within the online gambling sector but until one of the premier casinos adopts it, it is likely going to continue to be used by rogue casinos that use the perceived anonymity to swindle players who have little recourse when it comes to recovering cryptocurrencies from shady businesses.