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Neteller and Skrill are two of the quickest and safest banking methods available in New Zealand, allowing for instant deposits and lightning-fast withdrawals. As a result, I’ve prepared a comprehensive guide below from my perspective as a New Zealand resident on how these payment methods work, how they can be used at various online casinos, and if they have any fees that may surprise you later on, so feel free to continue on reading.


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Neteller is a top eWallet for anyone who enjoys playing at the best online casinos and sports betting sites. Since 1999, it has provided a quick, secure, and convenient payment alternative. Neteller relocated from Canada to the Isle of Man in 2004, quickly expanding its presence in the global gambling market. It is now one of New Zealanders’ most popular online banking methods.

Many different online casinos accept Neteller. You can quickly create a free Neteller account to conduct your transactions with various online casinos and bookies. This means that your credit card information is kept secure and is never disclosed to third parties. Neteller provides rock-solid security protocols and a two-step authentication system to protect you from attacks.


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Skrill has a stellar reputation for offering us casino players a safe, dependable, and convenient way to make deposits and withdrawals. When it first launched in July 2001, it was known as Moneybookers, and its customer base had surpassed 25 million by the time it rebranded as Skrill a decade later. Skrill was purchased by Neteller owner Optimal Payments for $1.1 billion in 2015.

When it comes to depositing funds to an online casino, Skrill offers a plethora of advantages. It is a secure and convenient middleman that lets you quickly transfer money online. You can make instant deposits, and I’ve found that withdrawing money is much faster than other options I’ve tried. Skrill is also straightforward, making the entire process much more secure and convenient.

Neteller VS Skrill – Registration Process

Even though Neteller and Skrill are digital eWallets, it should be no surprise that they require a desktop or even a smartphone device to open an account. The apps were simple to download, and they work on both iOS and Android operating systems.

Using Neteller card as payment for online casino

Neteller Registration Process

How to register and create a Neteller account 
Step 1 Head over to the Neteller website and begin the registration process. 
Step 2 Fill out your personal information and choose your currency 
Step 3 Input the provided PIN codes to confirm the information you have just submitted 
Step 4 Set up your secure ID to add an extra layer of security to your account 
Step 5  After completing the registration process, go to the Verification tab in the Settings menu to verify your account. 
Neteller Registration Process
How to deposit into a Neteller account 
Step 1 After logging in, go to the Account interface and select Money In 
Step 2 Choose the type of card you want to deposit with 
Step 3 Fill in your payment information 
Step 4 Verify and confirm the deposit information 
How to deposit into a Neteller account 

Skrill Registration Process

How to register and create a Skrill account 
Step 1 Go to Skrill to begin the Registration Process and fill out the form 
Step 2 Fill out your personal information, including your first and last name, email address, Skrill account ID, and referral code. 
Step 3 Create a password. It must have at least eight characters and one letter, number, or symbol. 
Step 4 As an additional security measure, enable two-factor authentication 
Step 5 Next, you’ll be prompted to secure your account by providing your current phone number to receive a six-digit code. After you enter it, click continue, and your Skrill account is ready to use 
Skrill Registration Process
How to deposit into a Skrill account 
Step 1 After logging in, click the Deposit button in the upper left corner of the interface. 
Step 2 Choose your location and desired currency 
Step 3 Select one of the available deposit methods 
Step 4 Fill in the blanks with the necessary information 
Step 5 Enter the amount you wish to deposit into your account 
Step 6 Check and confirm the amount you want to deposit 
How to deposit into a Skrill account 
VIP member gold casino chip

Neteller VS Skrill – VIP Program

While the Skrill and Neteller VIP programs appear to be very similar, one thing that stands out is that both eWallets use Silver, Gold, and Diamond as steps, with Neteller including an additional step called Exclusive, which requires a total of $600,000 in transfers per quarter. 

SILVER VIP $15,000 in a quarter $15,000 in a quarter 
GOLD VIP $45,000 in a quarter $45,000 in a quarter 
DIAMOND VIP $90,000 in a quarter $150,000 in a quarter 
EXCLUSIVE VIP $600,000 in a quarter Not available 
Neteller VS Skrill – VIP Program

Regarding online gambling, both Skrill and Neteller VIP programs provide numerous benefits. The more transactions you make at the site where you play, the more advantages you can receive in the VIP program. 

Neteller VIP Program

The Neteller VIP system claims to be the most appealing program in the industry, and I had to agree. The program is free to join and consists of four levels: Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Exclusive. The more money transferred quarterly, the higher your level and the greater the benefits you will receive. Members can also get a free Net+ Prepaid Mastercard. 

Discounted deposits and withdrawals VIP members are entitled to particular deposit and withdrawal fees 
Free Money Transfers If you are a Silver or higher VIP member, you can send money worldwide for free. 
Lower foreign transaction fee fees VIP members will save on foreign transaction fees, and the higher your level, the lower the fees will be 
Exclusive VIP promotions You may claim additional promotions as well as receive other exclusive rewards. 
Cryptocurrency Transactions  If you use Neteller for crypto payments, those transactions count toward being a VIP member, allowing you to advance in the program with those transactions. 
Dedicated VIP manager You can get superior customer service if you have a dedicated manager who can quickly answer your questions. 
Neteller VIP Program Benefits

Skrill VIP Program

Skrill also has a robust VIP program called the VIP Club, which rewards loyal members. The program is free to join, and you can advance in levels by depositing money into your Skrill wallet, making purchases, or using cryptocurrency. The program has three levels: Silver, Gold, and Diamond, and your status is determined by the amount of money you transact quarterly. 

24/7 Support VIP members will get dedicated help desk support, and Gold and higher members will receive a personal account manager 
Lower Fees The more you use the Skrill, the less you’ll have to pay in fees like foreign transaction fees and ATM withdrawal fees. 
Higher Limits Priority banking and increased transaction limits are available 
Invitations to Exclusive Events Skrill VIP members can receive exclusive invitations to worldwide festivals and other events. 
Multi-currency Accounts A multi-currency account helps carry multiple currencies and avoid foreign transaction fees. 
Skrill VIP Program Benefits

Net+ Prepaid Card VS Skrill Prepaid Mastercard

Both Neteller and Skrill offer prepaid MasterCards that are available to make payments and withdraw cash from ATMs. Both are physical cards that can be ordered for free. 

Net+ Prepaid Card

Neteller mastercard

If you deposit funds into your Neteller account, you can use your card on whichever site Mastercard is accepted. Using the card is very safe, and the Neteller app makes it simple to keep track of all your activities. The Net+ Prepaid Card can be used to shop in-store or online, make purchases internationally, and withdraw money from millions of ATMs worldwide. 

Logging into your Neteller account and clicking the Net+ Card page is all that is required to apply for the Net+ Prepaid Card, or you can download the application for free on their website. Then, when you receive the card in the mail, log in to your Neteller account and click the Activate button. 

Net+ Prepaid Card Fees Net+ Prepaid Card Limits 
• Free to pay in shops or online 
• $10 shipping and handling fee 
• $10 to replace a lost card 
• $10 annual card fee 
• 3.99% foreign exchange fee 
• 1.75% cash withdrawal fee 
• 50 purchases every 24 hours 
• $2,700.00 in purchases every 24 hours 
• 0 withdrawals every 24 hours 
• $900 in withdrawals every 24 hours  
Net+ Prepaid Card

The first virtual card is free, and the replacement fee for a canceled card is $2.50. The virtual card has a maximum limit of $2,700 per transaction, with ten purchases allowed per day. Up to 5 Net+ Virtual Prepaid MasterCard accounts can be linked to a single physical card for free. 

Skrill Prepaid Mastercard

Skrill mastercard

The Skrill Prepaid card can be used wherever Mastercard is accepted, and it can also be used to get cash from ATMs worldwide. The card is available without a credit check, and you may check your balance at any moment using the Skrill application. With this card, you can establish spending limits, which are highly secure due to the 3D Secure security function.  

Login to your Skrill account and navigate to the Skrill Prepaid Card tab to order the card. When the card arrives within 7 to 10 days, you can activate it through your Skrill account and use it. 

Skrill Prepaid Mastercard Fees Skrill Prepaid Mastercard Limits 
• $10 annual fee  
• ree to pay in shops or online  
• Free to receive cash 
• Free online statement  
• Free pin re-issue  
• 3.99% foreign transaction fee 
• 1.75% ATM fee  
• $900 Daily ATM withdrawal limits  
• $1,500 Daily ATM withdrawal limits for Silver status  
• $3,000 Daily ATM withdrawal limits for Gold status 
• $5,000 Daily ATM withdrawal limits for Diamond status  
Skrill Prepaid Mastercard

Skrill VS Neteller – Depositing and Withdrawing

Both Skrill and Neteller make it simple to upload, deposit, and withdraw funds. For both eWallets, the deposit and withdrawal process is quick and straightforward. For deposits and withdrawals, most online gambling sites offer Neteller and Skrill.

However, specific online gambling sites provide bonuses and promotions but exclude players who use Skrill or Neteller from receiving them. If you have an eWallet account and wish to take advantage of a bonus or offer, ensure that it is accessible.

Neteller VS Skrill – Fees

Although Skrill and Neteller are owned by the same firm, their fees differ. These payment methods impose administrative fees for various circumstances, including false or untruthful information, the reversal of an incorrect transaction, a chargeback, and illegal transactions. Here is a brief breakdown of the costs associated with the two most popular eWallets. 

Member transfer (Without VIP) 2.99% – 1.45% 2.99% – 1.45% 
Receive money Free Free 
Deposit money to a merchant Free Free 
ATM withdrawal fee 1.75% 1.75% 
Upload money 0-2.5% 0-2.5% 
Withdraw funds from a card 3.99% 3.99% 
Withdraw funds to Bank $10 $5.5 
Neteller VS Skrill – Fees

Neteller Fees for Depositing and Withdrawing

Skril vs neteller payment

When it is time to deposit funds into your account, Neteller offers more possibilities than Skrill; however, Neteller’s charge is more significant. Each deposit method incurs a fixed cost of 2.5% of the transaction amount. Neosurf, Trustly, Rapid Transfer, Maestro Debit Card, GiroPay, PayByMobile, and PaySafeCard are just a handful of the deposit methods accessible in addition to local bank transfers.

Neteller offers a variety of withdrawal methods, including check withdrawals, unlike Skrill. If you utilize a bank transfer, the withdrawal process will take between three to five business days and cost you $10, while a wire withdrawal will cost you $12.75. Neteller’s costs are greater than Skrill’s, but the service also offers quick withdrawals.

Below are the withdrawal fees for Neteller:

  • Merchant Sites – Free
  • Skrill – 3.49%
  • Bank Wire – $10
  • Member Wire – $12.75
  • Cryptocurrency – 2%
  • Net+ Prepaid Mastercard – 1.75%
  • Money Transfer – 2.99% minimum fee of $0.50

Skrill Fees for Depositing and Withdrawing

Skrill provides both local and international options for funding your account. In addition to payments from your local bank, you can also use Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and PaySafeCard. However, there is a fee of up to 1% of the transaction amount for Skrill deposits made using local and international payment methods.

On the other hand, you can withdraw funds from your account via bank transfer, credit card, debit card, or Skrill card. Withdrawals typically take between 2 and 5 business days and include a charge. One of the best and least expensive ways to withdraw money from your Skrill account is by using a Skrill Prepaid Mastercard, which allows you to retrieve the cash immediately from any ATM for a minimal cost.

Below are the withdrawal fees for Skrill:

  • Bank Wire – Free
  • Swift – $5.50
  • Neteller – 3.49%
  • Cryptocurrency – 2.00%
  • VISA/Mastercard – up to 3.99%

Neteller VS Skrill – The bottom line

eWallets have grown in popularity in recent years, and two companies at the frontline of the online banking industry are Skrill and Neteller. Even though these payment methods are very similar, there are a few differences to be aware of. For example, Skrill and Neteller have VIP schemes divided into four and five tiers, respectively. Neteller is the best deal for the first three levels, followed by Skrill.

Furthermore, Skrill charges a fee of up to 1% of the transaction, whereas Neteller charges a flat fee of 2.5% when making a transaction. On the plus side, both banking methods have low fees, quick transaction times, are completely safe and secure, have a VIP program, and both allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. With all the benefits each provides, it is no surprise that they are the industry leaders of online casino banking in New Zealand.