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Like we said every online casino has minimum deposits in place, these vary depending on the online casino, the game you’re interested in and your deposit method. It can be anywhere from $1.00 up to $25. Generally speaking you have two types of online casinos when it comes to depositing. Low Deposit Online Casinos and everything else.  

What both of these types tend to offer is deposit bonuses. You know the ones; deposit X amount and we’ll give you X bonuses. These can be matching your deposit up to 100% or bonus spins on certain slot games. Sometimes you can even find online casinos that offer both. Sometimes the deposit bonuses run across your first three deposits, however generally speaking they are usually just for your first deposit.  

It’s worth noting here that most of these deposit bonuses are for new customers / first-time deposits. There are a few online casinos that offer deposit bonuses for existing customers, but this is usually rare and definitely worth investigating, if you like the idea of bonuses – let’s fact it who doesn’t?     

Why are deposit minimums worth purchasing?

Aside from the bonuses we mean? And yes there are some reasons why depositing the minimum is more than just about getting sweet bonuses. It allows players (that would be you) to keep their spending in check. Which in this day and age of accessibility to the world of online gaming and gambling is important.  

It also gives you the opportunity to ‘test’ the site, try the games that interest you and play through the deposit bonus terms and conditions. It gives you power to essentially try before you buy. Even though you are depositing your hard-earned money, by just purchasing the minimum deposit you aren’t locking yourself in for a long haul. If the online casino you’ve chosen doesn’t suit your gaming needs or you find another online casino that might suit you better. You’ve only deposited the minimum amount and once you’ve played through or won enough to withdraw you can move on.  

Giving you more control over your online gaming than if you were to deposit your full gaming budget and then find that it’s not really the site you were looking for, or you realise that the game selection doesn’t suit you. Finding the right online casino can be tricky. It takes a lot of research and sometimes a few false starts before you find the one that suits you the best. By just depositing the minimum amount you’re not stuck for an extended period of time.   

The Ever Important Deposit Bonuses

We can’t really do an article on minimum deposits without touching on deposit bonuses. Like we said almost every online casino offers deposit bonuses. And they vary depending on the online casino you’re looking at. From matching your deposit amount, bonus spins or even a no deposit offer. So which one is better? Which one suits your gaming needs more? This is a question that only you can answer, but we can break it down a little so you understand what the difference is between these two common deposit bonuses.  

It’s worth pointing out that the ‘minimum deposit’ requirements don’t always match the minimum deposit requirements to trigger deposit bonuses. Keep that in mind when reading over the minimum deposit requirements in the terms and conditions of your chosen online casino site.    

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Deposit Matching

The above heading was changed about 10 times, trying to figure out what to call this common deposit bonus was tricky. There are a so many different names out there for deposit bonuses, that putting just the one under ‘deposit bonus’ seems a little strange to us here at Best New Zealand Casinos – anyway enough about us!  

Deposit Matching works like this; the gamer (you) deposits the minimum amount required according to the terms and conditions of the bonus. The online casino you’ve chosen will match your deposit, sometimes this can be up to 100%. For example you deposit $20 and the online casino will give you $20. Your account then says that you have $40 to play with. There’s always a minimum deposit requirement and a maximum bonus amount.  Why not choose from one of our Top NZD Casinos and try depositing the minimum amount?

Some online casinos will offer this bonus offer over more than your first deposit sometimes it’s up to three deposits. As we mentioned above this is generally for new customers, not existing customers and there is an average minimum deposit required of $20. So what are the downfalls of this type of deposit bonus?  

Like with every bonus it’s not going to suit everyone, so people don’t want to put $20 into an untried, untested online casino. There’s also going to be wagering and withdrawal requirements – every online casino bonus has these. They can vary between 35X or 50X, but what does this actually mean.  

Bonus Spins

Wagering requirement means the amount you will need to bet in order to release your bonus winnings. For example, if you have a $10 bonus with 50X requirements, you will need to stake a total of $500 for any of your bonus winnings to become withdrawable. Different games will have different percentages that will contribute towards that wagering requirement. For instance, with some online casinos every $1 you bet on slots will take $1 off your wagering requirements, however if you bet $1 on roulette only .50c will come off your wagering requirements. This depends completely on the online casino and their terms and conditions. So make sure you read up before you sign up.   

Bonus spins are a type of casino reward that allows you to play a slot game (generally specific game or a choice of two) a certain number of times (spins) without using your cash balance. Sometimes the bonus spins are the deposit bonus, sometimes they are an additional bonus added to the above deposit match bonus. And sometimes they are even just a weekly / monthly or daily promotion by the online casino, i.e. deposit X amount and we will give you X number of bonus spins on X slot game.  


They are a great way for online casinos to make their customers happy without actually giving too much away in terms of monetary value. Generally speaking a ‘bonus spin’ will be a set bet and will spin at the lowest amount. Again this bonus is subject to wagering and withdrawal requirements, that again depend on the online casino you’ve chosen. The way that these requirements work with bonus spins is like this; you get 20 bonus spins, from those 20 spins you win $30. Let’s say that the wagering requirements are 10X (low I know, but lets run with it), it means that you have to play through the $30 you’ve won until you’ve spun through $300. If you lose the $30 before you’ve hit thee $300 wagering requirement then it’s all over red-rover. Obviously it’s better to find an online casino with lower wagering requirements for their bonuses. 

There are couple of different reasons why you should always purchase the minimum deposit amount when heading into an online casino. It gives you greater control over your spend and also allows you to try before you buy (so to speak). There’s the bonuses to consider and the most important thing – whether or not the online casino is right for you. If you go in all guns blazing and realise that the online casino just doesn’t have the game selection you want, or if the live casino options just don’t ring your bell, you’re going to be stuck there until you waded and wagered through your big deposit. By just depositing the minimum you are creating an easy and quick exit if it turns out that the online casino doesn’t float your boat.