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There’s nothing more exciting than hitting that big win. We automatically think about what the big win makes possible and how quickly we can get it. Unfortunately, most online casinos take 3 to 5 days to complete payments, some even longer!

Luckily, top online casino brands have come up with the solution, offering same-day withdrawals for New Zealand players. This means no long pending period and payments are done within 24 hours at our same-day withdrawal online casinos.

What are Same Day Cash Out Casinos?

Same day cash out casinos are quickly becoming the most popular for those seeking the same security with faster withdrawals. Web wallets such as Skrill and Trustly already provide instant payments, but some casinos require up to 72 hours pending period, which is the first major factor that’s changed with our top online casinos.

New Zealand banks have also upgraded to a new system that allows them to process payments faster. If it’s the same bank, you can expect an instant payment while different banks simply require up to two hours to complete withdrawals and show the funds in your account.

Some banks process their batch payments for a certain period during the day. For example, Kiwibank runs its batches from 9 am to 10 am every day. BNZ provides a similar system that complete transactions from 9 in the morning to 11:55 in the evening. They ensure payments reach recipients within an hour as payments are processed every 30 minutes.

With the faster payment times from banks combined with shortened casino processing times, casinos can now provide real fast withdrawal options that take place on the same day. Thus, you can head over to one of our top instant withdrawal casinos, play games and get your winnings today!

When Did Casinos Start Paying Out Within One Day?

Faster withdrawal options have become faster over the last few years as technology allows for shorter processing times and faster payments from banks and web wallets. However, in the last two years, we’ve seen a major change with some brands, offering instant payments on the same day!

In fact, many 2020 established online casinos provide instant withdrawals as the option became widely available through a vast selection of casino payment methods. Of course, these brands grew faster as both experienced and beginner players get to benefit from faster payments without any downsides or added fees.

Our experts have been keeping an eye on casinos with instant payments, and we’ve found that they are some of the top-rated brands. Therefore, it’s not just fast payments you score, but also excellent award-winning games with incredibly high levels of fairness. This doesn’t just revolve around their games, but promotions and loyalty programs as well.

We’ve also ensured these brands are trusted and operate with the right licenses. This means you can count on the highest security levels, most advanced banking systems and updated gaming features such as mobile.

How Many New Casinos Offer Same Day Cash Outs?

Today, there are loads of casinos to choose from, especially those that joined the market in 2020. While most provide excellent gaming benefits, there are some exceptions to avoid.

We main to promote only the brands that passed our tests, which doesn’t only revolve around banking. In fact, we perform complete reviews of each casino, including payment methods, payment times, games, support, licenses, jurisdiction and much more. See more about any of the top-recommended brands in our casino reviews.

Since there are so many to choose from, it’s important to get background information on what to expect. Each brand caters to unique players with different promotions, games and features. Therefore, to choose the right instant withdrawal casino for you from the start, get the right info on each casino you’re considering.

What Does the Future Hold for Same Day Cashout Casinos?

Same day cashout casinos have already proven to be some of the most popular choices. The fact that they offer faster withdrawals certainly counts in their favour. We can also expect these brands to be the first to introduce new technology, offering even faster payments and other benefits in the near future.

Much of the payment speed technology depends on the banking options updating how fast they complete transactions. However, the banks are ahead, and web wallets have been offering faster payments for many years. Therefore, it’s now up to casinos to catch up and further decrease their mending periods.

Some brands are claiming to be same day cashout casinos, but their pending periods are still up to 48 hours. This means you’ll get your money faster, but the casino holds it in your account for 2 days first. Brands such as Sky City Casino, Spin Casino, Jackpot City Casino, and others on our list have a pending period of up to 24 hours, which is a true same day cashout casino.

Having the benefit of getting your withdrawal on the same day has already been a major step in the right direction. Soon, we can expect to see even more of these brands, which we add to our casino reviews. We’ll also see even shorter pending periods from casinos and even more decreased processing times from banks.


Even if you’re a new online player, you simply cannot go wrong by choosing one of the top same day cashout casinos. They are the most advanced, offer the latest technology and include award-winning games. The faster withdrawal option also doesn’t affect anything else about the brand. Therefore, you’ll still be able to claim bonuses, free spins and all the rest on offer.

Keep in mind that same day withdrawals aren’t possible for bonus cash if wagering hasn’t been completed. However, our casino reviews cover these details, telling you exactly what to do to turn the bonus into real money.

The list below provides access to the best instant withdrawal online casinos. We’ve carefully selected these brands as they offer the best service and opportunities. Simply select the brands that grab your attention, read more about them and create your account to see what a true world-class casino is all about.