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No one goes into a casino game determined to lose. We all want to win and make some extra bucks – and when you eventually win, you don’t want to wait a couple of days to get your money. Most people have to opt for payment options that do not pay instantly because there are no other options.

But are they other payment methods that pay instantly? Of course, playing in Bitcoin comes with many advantages, including fast payouts. As you may know, Bitcoin is not regulated by the government or financial institutions. Transactions are peer to peer and works almost on the fly.

As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin offers many other benefits apart from fast payouts. So if you are wondering whether it’s right to switch on to a casino site that plays with Bitcoin, this article contains valuable information for you.

Ready to learn more? Let’s get right into it!

Why play at instant payout Bitcoin casinos

Instant payout is the name of the game! Of course, you don’t want to wait for several days to get your money. It could be boring and irksome. Playing at a casino site that accepts Bitcoin lets you receive your payment instantly. It goes beyond that. Let’s consider other benefits of playing on casino sites that accept Bitcoin.

  • Playing Anonymous
    • For certain personal reasons, some casino players don’t want to reveal their profile – real name and other biodata. While you may fill in fictitious names when signing up, you need the names to match your bank details or other electronic wallets details before you can successfully withdraw your earnings.
    • But this is not the case with casino sites that play in Bitcoin. As you probably know, Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency. It’s not regulated by the government, bank or any third parties. Transactions are handled by Blockchain Technology, and it’s strictly based on peer to peer. Bitcoin transactions don’t record your data such as name, date of birth, etc. You only need your wallet address to receive payment, and it works instantly. No one can trace the sender through the wallet address.
    • So you can see that it’s impossible to remain anonymous on a casino site that mainly operates with payment methods that are regulated by third parties. But Bitcoin casino sites allow you to operate anonymously.
  • No Transaction Fees
    • Tired of paying high fees to lift your money from Casino sites? You are not alone, and chances are most people still stick to the payment methods that charge them high fees because they have no other options. But no, you can avoid high transaction fees by playing on a casino site that allows Bitcoin. You can make your deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoin, which saves you the money you will pay on fees.
    • Of course, there’s no regulatory body or bank that charges you a fee to deposit or withdraw money. All your transactions are made swiftly at no cost.
  • No Geographical Restrictions
    • “Your transactions could not be processed, contact your bank.” If you are familiar with the above lines, you know that has to do with a kind of restriction on payment based on your location. Some electronic payment options are not available for all countries, and players find it difficult to deposit or withdraw money. Little wonder why some people keep using a payment method even though they complain constantly about the drawbacks.
    • You won’t experience this on a casino site that allows Bitcoin. You can make payments from any part of the world as Bitcoin doesn’t restrict any country. You do enjoy the same speed and no transaction fees irrespective of your geographic location.
  • Fast Payouts
    • Yes, you already know this, perhaps. Quick payment is non-negotiable when playing in Bitcoins. Both deposit and withdrawals work almost immediately unless you have network difficulties.

How to make instant withdrawals at Bitcoin casinos

Suppose you have joined a casino site that accepts Bitcoin, you can make immediate withdrawal easily by navigating your dashboard to find withdrawal options and selecting Bitcoin as your preferred means. Casino sites have different interfaces, so you need to follow the on-screen instructions to process your withdrawal.

However, here is a template to withdraw your earnings via Bitcoin.

  • Sign in to your account
  • Navigate your dashboard to find withdrawal options
  • Select Bitcoin as your preferred method of withdrawal
  • Input your Bitcoin address where appropriate
  • Enter your withdrawal amount
  • Confirm your address and initiate the transaction
  • Confirmation will be displayed on your device screen—about the transaction status.
  • If successful, you should receive your Bitcoin in your wallet instantly or within an hour.

How does Bitcoin compare to other banking options

Unlike withdrawing money to your bank account where you have to wait for a couple of days, your money gets to your wallet instantly in Bitcoin. This is a significant difference between other banking options and Bitcoin. More, so you can enjoy additional benefits of using Bitcoin as highlighted above. These benefits are not applicable when you use other banking options.

However, like banks, Bitcoin also serves a means of withdrawing your earnings on casino sites but with the advantages of fast payouts, fees and anonymous transactions.

Will, there be any fees with Bitcoin transactions

No, Bitcoin transactions don’t attract any fees. This is one of the benefits of playing in Bitcoin Casino sites.


There’s no gainsaying, playing in Bitcoin Casino sites comes with excellent benefits as you have read. However, there are a few drawbacks which you can prevent, though. Ensure you confirm your wallet address before initiating any payment as payment can’t be reversed once it’s sent. This is to prevent sending your payment to a wrong wallet address.

Also, you should keep your wallet address and keys away from third parties to avoid cyber-attacks.