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Basic Things You Won't Get Delivered on The Same Day in Auckland

New Zealand has many same-day delivery services, such as milk, groceries, and meat in some places and ice and coal in others. Bread sellers and fruit and vegetable vendors will bring your produce to your home, and hawkers selling rabbit, fish, or white bait will let you have the freshest catch of the day. Going back to the Second World War, New Zealand saw shortages of both labor and petrol, and homemakers had to carry heavy shopping home on foot, but after the war, delivery services resumed. From the late 1990s, the internet brought back same-day deliveries. In case you’re interested, here are some basic things you won’t get delivered on the same day in Auckland.

Things you won’t get delivered on the same day

In Auckland, same-day deliveries are a thriving industry. Want a new bed set, or are in a hurry to get the latest laptop today, feeling hungry, and could do with a burger? No worries, many companies will make your wishes come true. In ancient history, messages were hand-delivered by runners, homing pigeons, and riders on horseback, but these days, we have technology at our disposal. However, there are some things that won’t be delivered on the same day.

Credit cards

Credit cards are, without a doubt, a convenient way to spend and pay back later, and credit cards have also proved very useful when traveling as they can be used in emergencies, such as purchasing an urgent flight at the moment. However, having access to credit can be very tempting, so it’s best to always think twice before applying for one. Some of the major credit cards for Kiwis are American Express and VISA, and as they deal with banks, you can be certain they won’t be ready on the same day. Your credit card application will travel between department heads, and only when the request is stamped and sealed will you receive it, typically between 5 and 10 working days.

Custom Jewellery

Have you ever searched for the right gift for someone and couldn’t find anything? In this case, custom-made jewelry is always a win as it shows that you took time and great care to select the ideal gift to represent your unique relationship. There is a difference, however, between customized and custom jewelry. If you decide to buy a gold bracelet and then pay extra for an engraving, you will end up with a meaningful, personalized piece of customized jewelry. On the other hand, custom jewelry is designed from scratch, and this option can be used when you can’t find an exact copy of your grandmother’s now-lost earrings or a pendant you misplaced a long time ago. In this case, a jeweler will design a custom-made copy of the original; as you can imagine, this takes time. For this reason, delivering custom-made jewelry on the same day it was ordered is usually not possible.

Things you will get delivered on the same day

Where ever before in the history of civilization have you been able to order your groceries online and get delivery in less than an hour, or flowers delivered to your door soon after ordering? We live in privileged times, and these days whatever you are longing for will be delivered to you in hours. Since the COVID pandemic in 2019, same-day deliveries have exploded in size, and a few years later, it’s possible to order virtually anything and have it on the same day. However, some items can’t be delivered on the day. Can you guess what they are? Gift Boxes, anyone?

Gift boxes

A gift box is a perfect gift to express affection for relatives and friends, and while they don’t add any financial value, they make hearts happy, and that’s invaluable. Whenever you need to buy something for a special someone and can’t find the ideal gift, buy a few smaller valuable items, place them in a box, make it pretty with shiny paper and colorful bows, and enjoy the best way to say I care. Many online companies will deliver tailor-made gift boxes, but it’s rare to find a same-day delivery as it takes time to select the items and fill the gift boxes.

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