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Android Real Money Pokies

More and more Kiwi players are registering with international online casinos, in order to play their favorite pokies, table games and sportsbooks. As gambling is constantly moving more towards mobile casinos, playing your favorite casino games is now possible using any device you may have, as long as you avoid the NZ Google play store. Many online casinos have launched a mobile application, which means that you do not have to log on through the browser to enter games, but you can instead do it anytime, anywhere, using your mobile device. One example of this is the Android operating system that has been developed by Google. This system is mostly used on touch-screen devices. This software enables you to make easy and fast deposits, enter any games that you like, and withdraw your winnings- without having to turn your computer on. This can all be done just by using your Android mobile device. Even though Apple’s software is still the leading one, Android’s is growing in popularity day by day, and these two are by far the most commonly used mobile software systems in the world. When talking about Google’s Android, one must mention the over a million applications found in Google Play. Unfortunately, these applications don’t include real-money gambling games, as it is not allowed by Google’s policy. We will cover this topic next. Although Google’s policy excludes all real-money gambling from Google store, including games that require skills and give the winnings in money, there are ways that kiwis wanting to play pokies or other games online can do it by using their Android mobile devices, including mobile phones and tablets. As gambling-related applications are not to be found in Google Play Store, most casinos are releasing their own mobile applications, which the players can download directly from the casino’s website. These applications run smoothly on Android devices, as they are using the software from the best providers in the world. In order to play your favorite pokies and other games with your phone, all you need is the mobile application and a solid Internet connection. It is also good to ensure you have enough space in your mobile storage. If the game you are playing loads very slowly, it is a good idea to close other extra applications running in the background.

Android Real Money Pokies Requirements

As a rule of thumb, pokie applications installed on devices that run on the Android operating system will require a 16-bit display on the phone. Furthermore, if you wish to play pokies using Android device in Instant mode, which means directly in your browser, the operating system of your device should be at least 2.3.3. By using your Android device, you can deposit, wager and withdraw in the very same way that you would do using your desktop. However, by using your mobile device, you ensure that you can play your favorite games while you are out and about.