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At SkyCity online casino, come rain or shine, your favourite sports are always available for you to place a wager. SkyCity offers simulated sporting events and whether it’s single matches to full-on championships, you can be sure that SkyCity offers the ultimate in gaming and virtual sports. If your preference is greyhound racing or soccer, at SkyCity there is always a huge range of sporting events. A way for you to engage with realistic sports entertainment in a safe and secure environment, virtual sports at SkyCity are always fair and backed by state-of-the-art technology. Have you ever placed minimum bets in NZ$ on the pokies or wagered a virtual sports bet at SkyCity Casino? Read our SkyCity Online Casino review and find out the thrill that online casino games and virtual sports betting offer.

Virtual Sports Games at SkyCity Explained

What are virtual sports? In simple terms, virtual sports is a mash-up of video games, fantasy sports, and real-live sports. Players get to choose from a large range of real sporting event simulations generated by the software and programmed to follow a set of rules. Many online casinos offer casino games like the pokies, table games, and Live Dealer casino and they also offer a sportsbook. Virtual sports falls somewhere between the casino games and the sportsbook.

Feel like wagering a bet on a game of football? At SkyCity, you can enter a simulated match that offers all the traditional betting options and in-play entertainment, and this is where virtual sports differ from real-life sporting bets. When betting on virtual sports, players have instant access to an extensive range of sports at any time of the day and because the games end quicker, betting is completed in a shorter space of time.

How To Start Betting on Virtual Sports Games at SkyCity

It all depends on which sport you wish to place your bet on. At SkyCity Casino, you can pick from virtual sports across football, soccer, cycling, horse racing, tennis, greyhound racing, darts, and many others and the betting style will reflect the type of sport you select. Virtual sports offer very simplified and straightforward betting processes. Even if you’re unfamiliar with a certain sport, you will only need to learn the basic rules as all the other complicated information like player injuries and weather conditions don’t relate to virtual sports as external forces aren’t factored into the way the game plays out. For seasoned sports bettors, placing wagers on both pre-game and in-game will be second nature and for new sports bettors, virtual sports presents an easy to understand a way to bet. For example, when betting on football, you can select the number of goals that will be scored in the match.

Best banking methods for Virtual Sports Games at SkyCity

To make your deposit at SkyCity Casino, you can choose from a wide variety of casino banking methods such as credit and debit cards VISA or Mastercard, eWallets services such as Neteller and Ecopayz, top-up card PaySafeCard Casino and Inpay, an online payment option.

The Different Virtual Sports provided at SkyCity

At SkyCity Casino, you can bet on a wide range of virtual games that range from greyhound racing, football, soccer, horse racing, motorsports, tennis, basketball, World Cup sports, and many more sports across a full spectrum of virtual sports. SkyCity offers its virtual sports clients a sleek website and a friendly user interface, a wide variety of betting markets, and realistic odds.

SkyCity Virtual Sports Frequently Asked Questions

🎮 What are Virtual Sports Games?

Virtual sports are sports video games that are generated by computer software for example with sporting events, races, or contests. Advanced algorithms determine the outcome of both the skill of the participants as well as the element of luck. Because the sports are computer-generated, the graphics are advanced, much like what you would see on current-generating gaming consoles.

🙋‍♀️ How do I start playing Virtual Games at SkyCity?

When making your bet on virtual sports, you will notice there is not much difference between virtual sports and real-world sporting events. The only main difference is that the bookmakers decide when the virtual events occur and who is competing. The mechanics are just like normal sports betting events with the most common bet being to place a wager on the winner of a sports event based on odds or a money line. Bettors can also make a variety of proposition bets like exact as or trifectas in horse racing, or goals scored in a soccer match.

❓ Who are the Virtual Sports Games provide at SkyCity?

Virtual sports exist for nearly all of the most popular sports worldwide, including Football, soccer, greyhound racing, horse racing, motorsports, basketball, and tennis. There are, of course, many more virtual sports available.

📝 Do still qualify for a Welcome Offer when I play virtual sports at SkyCity Casino?

Yes, players at SkyCity Casino that wish to take advantage of the Welcome Offer can do so at the cashier when making their real money deposit. Contact the customer service team via the live chat box for your special virtual sports betting bonuses.

🎲 How are Virtual Sports Games different from sports betting?

The most obvious difference is that virtual sports are created virtually while sports betting offers a real live event.

⚽ What is the difference between real sports and virtual sports?

Real sports events can be affected by external conditions such as the weather, while virtual sports can’t. Virtual sports can’t be manipulated, for example, the referee making a wrong call. With virtual sports, bettors are confident that their bets depending on the result from the gameplay itself.

📋 What are the Pros and Cons on Virtual Sports Games at SkyCity?

Pros and cons on Virtual Sports Games at SkyCity


  • Speed of Resolution of your bets
  • No Skill, Understanding or Prior Knowledge/Experience Required
  • Available 24/7, 365 Days a Year


  • Limited choice of markets compared to real sports, for example, First or Last Goalscorer in a football game