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Best New Zealand Casinos guide you towards the best online sites, brings you updates on all the best and most special offers and offer you your daily dose of interesting and important online gambling news. This article not only explores new games, top promotions, or how to make the best of your bonus, but also which days of the month are the luckiest and if it can add to your personal winning success.

The 7th of the month is a good day to try

Seven is considered the luckiest number by numerous cultures around the globe, and number seven is also the favourite number of most people in the world. A recent week-long poll with 30,000 people showed that 7 is overwhelmingly the most favoured number of all. For many only casino players number seven reminds of the fairy tales they enjoyed as youngsters such as Snow White running off with seven dwarves. There is also the seven voyages of Sinbad the Sailor, and James Bond is 007 and many of the best scenes in his movies focus on winning at gambling tables at casinos.

The term Lucky Number 7 is used outside and inside casino and many gamblers believe in the power of the magnificent seven. In terms of gambling, 7 was the first number to be used with other classic symbols such as fruit in the classic slot machines and right to today, hitting a 777 spin bring big winnings in online slot machines. Western society see 7 as the number attached to positive things, such as 7 colours in a rainbow, 7 days in a week, and the 7 wonders of the world. Seven also became the fabled number on a football jersey after being made popular by superstar David Beckham and Manchester United.

At the best New Zealand Casinos, the number seven not only hold importance in online casino slots, but also in craps 7 is a winner. If you grab one of the best minimum deposit casino bonuses on the 7th. Roulette players will quickly tell you that it is the luckiest number due to its position on the roulette wheel. In blackjack games such as & card brag, players receive 7 cards. In the UK, number 7 was part of the numbers in the lottery payouts that changed lucky players lives forever. No other number is as lucky as seven and therefore the 7th of the month is a good day to try your luck at the fastest payout casino in New Zealand, new casinos, top paying casinos or the best New Zealand no wagering casinos.

7 Ways to Increase Your Gambling Luck on the 7th Day of the Month

  1. Register with a regulated and licensed online casino promoted by Best New Zealand Casinos
  2. Always read the bonus terms and conditions & play responsibly
  3. Reduce risk by depositing at one of our minimum deposit casinos by claiming a bonus via a deposit between NZ$1 to NZ$5
  4. No wagering casinos make it a lot easier to claim your winnings paid in cash
  5. New casinos are often more reasonable in terms of wagering and other bonus requirements
  6. Join an online casino offering regular bonuses such as reload bonuses, cashback bonuses, VIP bonuses and free spins
  7. Fast payout casinos ensures you get to celebrate with your winnings much faster

Check the day date when the new moon rises

Maximise your luck when a full moon rises and make sure your mood fits the situation to further increase your luck, focus on the best mindset, relax and keep an open mind. Full moon is only once a month when earth finds itself situated between the moon and the sun. A new moon rises once a month when the moon and sun connect, it is believed by millions to be the most energetic time, best to set intentions and packed with an abundance of opportunities and possibilities.

More about the times you are likely to win big

Most experienced gamblers especially poker players believe the best time to play is in the evening when high rollers are at the tables. The best time to play a progressive jackpot slot is when you feel in control and the jackpot amount is substantial or not won recently.

What time is the best time to play online slots?

If you believe solidly in the luck of the 7, you might feel that the best time to play is at 7 o’clock, although things to consider is also to play when you have time to relax and enjoy your spinning session. A great online slots experience is guaranteed when you remain in control and strictly stick to your budget.

What is the best time of day to win at a casino?

While many believe the best time to play is during quiet times at land-based casinos, the opposite is true when you think about online casinos. Successful gamblers believe the busier the casino the more payouts is awarded and the more players are contributing towards the huge payouts awarded by progressive jackpots.

Is it better to go to the casino at the end of the month?

Table game players and anyone who love live casino games hosted by real dealer enjoy busier times when most tables have a player in every seat. This might also mean that the best time of the month to play is the end of the month when everyone has more funds due to the start of their monthly online casino budget. The huge benefit for online casino players is that no travelling is needed and you can play at the end, start, or middle of the month from home or from mobile devices when travelling.

What is the best day of the week to play slots?

Many online slot fans will consult their horoscope to determine or confirm their luckiest day to gamble by spinning the reels with the hope of massive payouts rolling in at the best online slot casinos in New Zealand. It seems that it goes deeper than just deciding when is the best day of the week to spin the reels, the luckiest or best day of the week also depends on whether you like to play video slots progressive jackpots or participate in slot tournaments.