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The Most Popular Online Casino Table Games

Over the past ten years, there’s been immense development in the online casino industry with the emergence of a vast range of games. A huge variety of fascinating themes, soundtracks and graphics designed to entice players across genres to strengthen the footing of this booming industry. What’s more, the superb-quality graphics powered by some of the biggest gaming software developers in the world contribute to your immersive gaming experience across desktop and mobile casinos. Whilst online slots are certainly very popular, online casino table games hold their own around the globe, and in some countries, these games attract greater numbers of fans than slots.

The Top Online Casino Table Games Gamers Adore

Market research shows that amongst a number of engrossing and fascinating games at live online casinos, Blackjack stands head and shoulders in popularity above other table games. Also known as 21, studies show that more than 60 percent of players prefer spinning the reels just as much as they adore playing Blackjack at their favourite online casino site. In second, yet just as popular, is Roulette followed by Craps and online Poker, which is tied with Roulette.

Favoured Games Around the World

So, what do players around the world like when it comes to online table games? In the United States, Blackjack makes the top of the list, but in Germany, it’s Roulette that steals the limelight. According to one YouGov study, about 60 percent of players wager on the wheel every single time they log into their casino player account or head over to the live casino section online. Roulette is also the most popular table game in France. But, in both North America and South America, it’s Blackjack that wins the top place on the list of favourite online casino table games. But, Poker is also a highly popular game, so much so that it is even played in countries that frown upon gaming. Associations like the Venezuela Poker Association has contributed to increasing awareness of the game in those countries where poker is legally offered.

Baccarat Still a Favourite, Too

Another game that seems to be a favourite with online table game players is Baccarat. In fact, in Macau – a country that seems to be emerging as the casino capital of the world, Baccarat has enjoyed a massive upsurge as the most liked game over there. Be it in brick-and-mortar or online live casinos, many players enjoy the distinctive features introduced to the game. Some elements like the Squeeze, a slow and the bean-shaped tables continue to entice and excite players.

What About Other Countries?

In New Zealand, table games like Wheel of Fortune, Dice and Punto Banco are also popular amongst regular online players. At many Kiwi online casinos, you can enjoy a vast range of games including live roulette, baccarat and blackjack, where you stand to win some life-changing amounts.