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When SkyCity Entertainment’s casinos reopen, it will only allow individuals who have received the necessary vaccinations to enter the premises. In light of the current Covid-19 lockdowns, Auckland and Hamilton casinos have been shut down. However, its smaller Queenstown casino has reopened following the company’s shift to Level 2.

During the company’s Annual General Meeting on Friday, CEO Michael Ahearne announced the vaccine mandate. The announcement comes as New Zealand inches closer to achieving the 90% vaccination rate, allowing the government to phase out the use of lockdowns. The government has announced a traffic light system under which venues will be permitted to remain open but with three tiers of limitations in place — green, orange, and red – that will allow them to stay open while complying with the law and regulations set in place.

SkyCity Lockdown

Michael Ahearne, the business’s chief executive, stated again and again that the present lockdowns were costing the corporation approximately $1 million per day in missed earnings. It was not possible to anticipate full-year earnings. The New Zealand Herald reported in August that a staff member at Auckland’s SkyCity Casino had tested positive for Covid-19.

SkyCity CEO, Michael Ahearne

According to an email issued to employees, a staff member in Auckland who worked in the SkyCity level 3 Platinum playing area between 8.30pm on Friday, August 13th, and 6am on Saturday, August 14th, was found to have Covid-19 after being tested. Subsequently, the casino had already established itself as a major tourist attraction by then.

The August Delta epidemic has had a tremendous impact on SkyCity, notably in Auckland, where their flagship property was shut for 72 days. Ahearne stated that supporting the immunization targets established by the government will assist the industry in reopening, remaining open, and recovering more quickly.

Blanket Ban on Non-Vaccinated

In his remarks at the firm’s annual meeting, Ahearne indicated that the new traffic light system will enable the company to reopen its larger casinos and hotels. As a result, when the new framework takes effect, the goal is that all SkyCity facilities in New Zealand would operate as vaccination-only venues. This decision has been made with the health and safety of our employees and guests in mind.

Ahearne added that because SkyCity is one of the most extensive entertainment facilities in New Zealand and a significant employer in the country, the group must take steps to ensure the safety of New Zealanders. In addition to the company’s 2900 employees, customers, contractors, and visitors to any of the company’s New Zealand locations would all be subject to the vaccine mandate as well.

Vaccination Certificate

In the near future, vaccination certificates will be required in New Zealand establishments. When the new Covid vaccination certificates become available from the government, SkyCity will require that they be presented before allowing anyone to enter the building.

Non-vaccinated people will no longer be permitted to enter the SkyTower and SkyCity hotels, bars, restaurants, and casino locations in Auckland, Hamilton, and Queenstown, as of early next year. The company employs over 2900 employees, and tens of thousands of visitors come to its buildings, including The Depot on Federal St. and the iconic tower, among others.

Ahearne stated that the action would assure the highest levels of protection for both employees and customers. He also mentioned the necessity for the organization to comply with its legal obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. Certificates aren’t available right now, but they should be accessible by the end of the month.

According to the Ministry of Health, “In November, you’ll also be able to download vaccination certificates for use in New Zealand and overseas and see your Covid-19 test results.” When those credentials become available, SkyCity will make a formal request for them.

Mandatory vaccination for everyone

Despite current safety precautions to limit the danger of exposure to Covid-19, Ahearne stated that public health information and research confirmed that Covid-19 vaccines would provide the most effective protection for the company’s employees and customers.

Having gone through risk assessment and determining the need for certificates, SkyCity anticipates that the certificate requirement will apply to all employees, customers, contractors, and visitors at its New Zealand locations. This is mainly issued to protect them from Covid-19’s harmful effects while also reducing the risk of transmission within their facilities, workplace, and the wider community.

SkyCity set a goal of having 100% of all eligible SkyCity employees be completely vaccinated from the onset. Throughout the past six months, they have been actively encouraging their employees to get vaccinated as soon as possible. To assist with this, the SkyCity Group has provided paid time off for vaccinations, as well as gas vouchers for travel and conducting immunization programs for employees across the country.

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