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In New Zealand, online casinos are the hottest thing. The sector has risen dramatically in recent years throughout the world, and Kiwis are also benefiting from this growth. In the period between 2019 and 2020, New Zealanders spent an average of NZ$620 on online casino games, according to sources. The number of new members is increasing daily, and the data clearly demonstrate the game’s growing popularity.

Online Gambling NZ Has Been Increasing for Years

Since the lockdown began, interest in online gambling has reached an all-time high in New Zealand, data suggest. According to the Gambling Commission of New Zealand’s census, over 80% of all Kiwis bet in some form. The majority of these participants wager their money on both offline and online lottery games every year. However, in 2013, New Zealanders spent more than NZ$2 billion on live casinos, sports betting, and offshore gambling portals.

Since 2004, offline gaming in New Zealand has been reduced to 19%. However, participation in lottery games and online casinos has increased by more than 22% in less than five years. New Zealanders in their 30s are squandering countless hours and NZ dollars at online casinos in an effort to pay off their debts.

On the other hand, quarterly Gaming Machine Profits (GMP) were NZ$186,519,565 in September 2021, a decrease of 23% from the preceding September quarter of the previous year, namely 2020. The fall represents a loss of GMP in this quarter due to COVID-19’s impact on Class 4 Gambling activity, which included venue closures and physical distancing requirements during August and September’s Alert Level modifications. Further reductions in GMP are projected in the December 2021 quarter for those regions that stay at higher Alert Levels. Compared to the June quarter, the total number of venues declined by eight, while the total number of gaming machines remained constant.

Source: https://www.dia.govt.nz/gambling-statistics-gmp-dashboard

Since Lockdown Online Gambling Has Become a New Gambling Avenue for Many NZ Players

Players developed a new passion in online casinos, particularly during lockdown periods, where there are many opportunities for financial gain. As individuals attempted to adjust to the new normal during the pandemic lockdown, they began looking for forms of amusement, engagement, and some resources that would enable them to generate money even while trapped indoors. When news of deaths, job losses, and devastation occurs on a near-daily basis throughout the world, people embrace any method that provides them with strength, hope, and a diversion from the doom. It’s only natural that online casinos would garner more attention in this situation.

Corresponding to media reports, the total amount of money spent on online casinos in New Zealand eclipsed all prior records in the previous year. According to the country’s Department of Internal Affairs, each adult citizen spent at least NZ$204 on online gambling games. Indeed, government officials have admitted to being taken aback by the exponential increase in population following the lockdown.

However, this served a broader function as well. In New Zealand, a law requires 40% of the proceeds from poker games to be distributed as grants. Thus, the increase in internet gambling during the epidemic provided much-needed assistance for New Zealand’s communities.

Numerous more motives were stated for participating in online lottery activities. For example, 34% of respondents indicated that they began betting online during the lockdown out of boredom. Gamblers also entered the lottery to win rewards, to relax, as a socializing tool, and to alleviate tension and worry. During the lockdown period, young individuals aged 18-24 boosted their gambling activity by 22%. The majority of them may have used gambling to alleviate boredom.

The Department of Internal Affairs in New Zealand has stopped specific gambling activities, including horse racing, during the lockdown. Lotto New Zealand has discontinued the sale of lottery tickets at numerous locations throughout the country, including gas stations and supermarkets. While this transition has resulted in a decrease in physical cards, online card purchases have surged.

Online gambling activity has increased significantly in New Zealand during the lockdown period. Numerous gamblers find the sites amusing, which alleviates monotony. When confronted with financial difficulties, some gamblers turn to online lottery games in order to win prizes. Due to the closing of land-based betting places, some punters have moved online, increasing the number.


Researchers discovered that 39% of those who took part in the study participated in lottery activities while the government was in a state of lockdown. Throughout the review period, gamblers were involved in a variety of activities. While 9% of players report an increase in lottery activity, 41% of bettors report playing at the same level as before the lockout. Nonetheless, 50% of sampled individuals say that they reduced their gambling activity during the lockout. According to the survey, there were no statistically significant differences in gambling behaviour among age groups. However, those aged 18-24 said that they had engaged in excessive lottery play.

In terms of online lottery gaming, 8% of respondents mentioned that they were new to platforms and apps. While 12% of respondents indicated increasing their betting levels online, 24% stated it decreased their gambling. 33% of respondents have not altered their level of play. Additionally, the study uncovered fascinating statistics concerning different age groups’ attitudes toward online betting. While 18% of respondents aged 25 to 49 reported that their gambling activities increased during the shutdown, those aged 65 and over indicated that their gambling activities decreased.

The legal environment in New Zealand now encourages the expansion of internet gaming. It is entirely safe to play at online casinos that are not headquartered in New Zealand. Local online casinos, like SkyCity Online, are highly regulated by the New Zealand government. These regulations, however, are subject to change. As long as current rules promote gaming, any New Zealander interested in online casinos can wager and win real money.