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When you think of the words Artificial Intelligence (AI), does this conjure up a Hollywood enriched imagery of robots and machines taking over the world? You wouldn’t be alone. Although this image is not entirely correct, it isn’t what movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey and I Robot portray either. Today AI can be found everywhere, from your social media feeds to Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri, but can it make online casinos safer, more fun, and fairer? Our article looks at how casinos can implement AI to create a better gambling experience for players. AI is generally implemented as part of a desktop, laptop, or mobile device, so if this subject matter interests you, then don’t go anywhere. Find out more about Artificial Intelligence at online casinos for today and the future.

How AI is Used at Online Casinos

The online gambling industry offers many opportunities for machine-learning systems in marketing, voice and facial recognition, fraud detection, and predictive maintenance. AI is also used to identify valuable clients via machine learning and provide better and more responsive customer service. Game development is another area where artificial intelligence is prevalent.

AI makes it possible for a whole new range of different casino games to be enjoyed at a much higher level. For example, a few years ago, we met Libratus, an artificial intelligence computer program designed to play Poker. Over three weeks, Libratus played 120,000 hands against four of the world’s top poker players and finished with a resounding victory.

Customized Casino Games

Libratus is a computer program that functions with an algorithm to play imperfect information games, and AI learned as it played, both from the other players and from its weaknesses. This ability to keep improving its strategy ensured that Libratus could adapt faster than the humans involved. This experiment gave an insight into how AI could interact with humans. More recently, in 2019, a poker-playing bot called Pluribus beat human professionals at six-player no-limit Texas hold’em poker. It is the first time in our history that an AI program beats human players.

Game developers have already branched out with exciting takes on pokies and scratchcard games. As entertaining games are one of the strengths of online casinos, with Artificial Intelligence at the helm, AI will undoubtedly result in a vastly improved player experience in the years to come.

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Online casino games are an area that often gets ignored. Still, as online casinos have been at the forefront of some of the most significant tech advances in gaming, this is very unfair. How then has Artificial Intelligence revolutionized online casinos? Casinos will be able to use AI to continuously adapt and shape in-game experiences to cater to the player’s preferences. What does that mean in practice? Well, for example, AI software can detect each player’s preferred game type and curate their homepage into a selection of games that are guaranteed to appeal most to them. AI can pick out patterns, track trends, and then make realistic projections with impressive accuracy. This would save players time sifting through what can sometimes feel like an endless list of games.

To put it simply, AI is making it possible for a whole new range of different casino games to be enjoyed by players to a much higher level. A great example of this is online Poker. Previously, the only way to achieve an authentic poker experience when playing online was to join a room with other players. Now, the improvement in AI technology means that there are online poker rooms solely occupied by AI competitors. This means that players can enjoy playing Poker even if no one else is online at the same time as them. It also means players can learn to play at a much higher level, especially if they have only ever played against poor-quality opposition.

Of course, this is just a small area where AI is impacting the online casino world. It is also used in various other games, security measures, and even in customer support.

The upside of Casino AI

Customized player experience – Online casinos will be able to use AI to cater to players’ preferences by adapting in-game experiences. In practice, this means that AI software can detect each player’s preferred game type and make these available. Through patterns, tracking trends, and creating realistic projections will save players time sifting an endless list of casino games.

  • World-class customer service – Automated customer support uses data like gaming preferences, billing history, gaming habits, and performance to assist gamers with logical, empathetic, and personalized responses. AI paves the way for “human-like” customer service responses.
  • Responsible gaming – The dangers of gambling have been well documented, and signs of gambling addiction can include chasing losses, lying about gambling activities, using money budgeted for household expenses, and not knowing when to stop. AI technology can help gambling operators identify unhealthy patterns and develop a “safety net” before it becomes a problem.
  • Regulation and compliance – Online operators have many regulations to follow. While some aim to make sure their games produce fair and random results, others ensure that players get a fair chance at winning. AI can help keep an online casino on track by automatically making decisions that align and comply with the strict regulatory laws. AI can also ensure that players adhere to the casino’s rules and cut down on unfair play techniques that give players the advantage.


Although we can make predictions about A.I. and predict where its effects will ripple, we may be at the technology’s mercy as we move forward. However, no matter where AI takes us, we would do well to heed A.I. researcher Eliezer Yudkowsky, who warned that “By far the greatest danger of Artificial Intelligence is that people conclude too early that they understand it.”