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A high paying online casino refers to the withdrawal limits, the promotions, payment methods, and of course, the terms and conditions at the casino. While most have a set limit for all players, there are some NZ online casinos that make it possible to reach much higher limits, thanks to a VIP program. The formula below covers everything you need to check to ensure the casino you’ve selected can provide the limits you need.

Step 1 – Know your limits by understanding daily withdrawal limitations

The first step is all about the limits that apply to withdrawals. The majority of online casinos use a daily limit instead of weekly or even monthly. This determines the amount you can withdraw per day, which is commonly found in both the casino’s terms and conditions and the banking page. Some online casinos provide this info in unusual places, in which case it’s easier to just contact the support team for accurate info.

If the casino presents a VIP or loyalty program, it’s well worth examining the benefits. It’s common for increased limits to form part of the benefits, especially when you reach a higher VIP standing. Most of the time, the VIP program is available to every player, and they reach a higher standing by staying loyal and playing their favourite games. Visit the VIP rewards page at a casino to see the benefits and requirements of higher levels.

Lastly, in our daily withdrawal limit research, you’ll need to visit the payment page. Some methods might not allow withdrawals as high as casino’s limit, which could result in some confusion and disappointment when you hit those massive wins.

Step 2 – Maximise your casino winnings with exclusive Bonus Offerings

Most players are familiar with the welcome bonus at online casinos. This is first bonus you activate by making the initial deposit. There are some that offer a VIP bonus for new players, but it requires a higher deposit amount, which is a great way to get up the VIP ladder even faster. However, these have fallen away at many casinos, especially those with multiple VIP levels.

Therefore, joining one of our top NZ online casinos with VIP programs would usually offer the standard welcome bonus at first. Luckily, they’re suitable for most players with deposit amounts starting low and reaching high amounts for even more bonus cash.

Once you’ve completed the welcome bonus, you’ll already have a higher VIP standing with casinos that reward VIP points from the first deposit. Thereafter, you might already have VIP bonus offers, which provide higher limits, better terms and conditions, and the higher level might just unlock some higher withdrawal benefit as well. Once again, it depends on the casino and what VIP rewards they unlock on each level.

Step 3 – Choosing the right payment method provider.

New Zealand online casinos offer a wide range of banking methods, which are available for both deposits and withdrawals. You can easily view the payment options with any of our casino reviews or by visiting the banking page on their website.

The use of cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin for online casino gaming has been increasingly popular in recent times, offering the highest levels of privacy and security with minimal transaction fees, making it an option definitely worth considering.

It’s important to choose a casino payment method that provides the benefits you need. There are some options that only allow deposits, including the popular PaysafeCard. Once again, our reviews provide the info you need about deposits and withdrawals available at each brand.

To use a method that offers both deposits and withdrawals, you can choose one of the most popular web wallets and bank cards. E-wallets tend to offer better benefits at online casinos, including faster withdrawal times, lower fees and better limits. Popular web wallets include Neteller, Skrill and EcoPayz to mention only a few of the best NZ casino banking options.

Another factor that plays a role with withdrawal times is the pending period. Most require 48 hours while some do it within 24 hours and others require 72 hours. During this time, you have the option to reversing the withdrawal request instantly back into your account to play more games.

Step 4 – Find a Casino That Meets The Requirements in All the Previous Steps and Try them Out

Now that you have a better idea of what to look for when choosing an online casino, you can put it to the test and easily find the brands that offer the payment options you need.

Once you’ve selected one of more of our recommended high paying online casinos, start by heading over to the payment page, commonly referred to as the banking page. Most brands allow access even without creating an account. However, once you’ve registered, the casino provides better information relating to your country.

On the banking page, consider each of the banking methods by checking the minimum and maximum deposits allowed. Some options might differ from others, which could be the golden option you need. It’s also important to see the fees involved if any, all of which are shown on the banking page.

With two or even three optional banking methods, head over to the promotional page and ensure the options can activate the welcome bonus. There are some casinos that exclude certain option from activating promotions. It’s quite rare, but well worth checking as this would have an effect on the available offers.

If the casino provides a VIP program, head there next as it should also form part of the promotions page. Here you’ll see who qualifies to VIP rewards, which could either be all players from the moment they deposit or by invitation. If you need an invite, there might be shortcuts to jumping straight into the VIP program with a deposit above a certain amount.

Read through the levels of the VIP program and see what changes apply to limits revolving around deposits and withdrawals. They usually start with small increases to daily limits, but as soon as you go over a certain level, they allow for much higher banking limits.

Once you’ve seen the details of your casino choices, you’ll easily be able to choose one based on their benefits. Each casino is unique with their own limits, banking methods, VIP rewards, promotions and games. If you get stuck between two brands, dig deeper and compare their games, support times, ongoing promotions and withdrawal times.

Now you have the winning formula, for the highest payouts from your online casino experience

Choosing a casino with the right payment options and withdrawal limits from the beginning is very important, especially if you’re a player looking for a long-term brand. Luckily, with the formula above, you’ll easily find everything you need and discover more from each casino and how they compete against each other.

There will be certain factors that are a disadvantage to most players, but don’t really bother you. For example, if a casino has a 48-hour pending period, it might be a disadvantage in terms of withdrawal times, but you might like the idea of having access to the funds to play more games for longer. The same applies to deposit limits, perhaps you’re planning to deposit higher than the limits, making it a disadvantage that doesn’t really apply to your needs.

Therefore, have a look around at our NZ online casinos, see what’s available and the features that would really make your experience better. Ensure the brand has everything you need, create your account and enjoy premium gaming, the way you prefer.