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During the recent pandemic Covid-19, offline gaming companies took a hit. Most of the companies and casinos suffered a lot and haven’t managed to make much profit. This situation has opened everyone’s eyes to the fact that developing and enhancing user experience while gaming online is a high priority. This is where Virtual Reality and Augmented reality come into play.

VR and Augmented Reality Games

Before we get into how AR and VR are all set to revolutionize the online casino industry, let us look at what they are and how they work. AR and VR both deal with aspects of human perception and interaction. These technologies help us alter our perception and help us interact with it. They have their own specific requirements and limitations. Let us look at them individually.

Augmented reality (AR) is a hybrid of real-time and virtual elements that replicate reality. In simple terms, augmented reality uses technology to alter one’s experience of reality by overlaying virtual objects. For example, you can add a lion sitting on your sofa in the living room using AR technology. It can take an ordinary environment and turn it into a scene. The applications of this technology are limitless. From helping directors’ imaginations to becoming a reality to helping developers build addictive games, AR is highly effective and estimated to take over most entertainment industries in the future. Although this technology is sophisticated, it can change how we perceive reality and make our experience fun and exciting.

One of the popular applications that use this technology and that has gone viral is Pokemon Go. The applications of AR are not limited to the gaming and entertainment industries. It is also used in the medical field for effectively using medical equipment and also performing surgeries. In the field of design and modeling, the technology of AR helps architecture and designers visualize their creative ideas and see how they can be executed. AR technology is used in retail, business, educational institutions, and much more.

Coming to Virtual reality (VR), this technology produces a virtual environment, nearly a replica of the real thing. Its main objective is to immerse the user in virtual reality. As a result, you become completely separated from your actual surroundings, creating a different experience.

It is time to bid farewell to the traditional style of playing casino games. Whether the games are played online or offline, the future state of these games is much better. With AR and VR technology emerging onto the scene, the developers and creators online are focused on incorporating these technologies and gadgets to take the user’s experience to the next level. This includes the addition of high-tech gadgets, headsets, joysticks, and other cool gaming equipment to help user’s experience better gameplay.

If you’re a tech geek and keep yourself up to date, you already know how the gaming industry has released software and gaming equipment built around VR and AR. For instance, Samsung Gear VR and Sony PlayStation VR. Even online gaming companies are experimenting and trying to release samples. One such company is NET entertainment. They’ve launched a slot machine jack and beanstalk based on VR.

VR technology helps users enter a fully 3D rendition of a casino at the comfort of their home. The players will be able to get a full 360° view, and they can even interact with the dealers and other players. It can let players do everything they’ll be able to do at a normal casino. AR, on the other hand, will help make all this possible by connecting with VR. This is the future of online gambling.

Cryptocurrency Becoming More Accepted

It is hard to find an industry that hasn’t been affected by the rise in Cryptocurrency. It has most certainly managed to revolutionize the current financial ecosystem by giving users complete control over their own assets. By getting rid of the middleman, the users can make transactions online with ease.

Reasons why online casinos and other gambling sites provide payments based on Cryptocurrency:

  • Customers don’t have to give out their personal information. It can help them remain anonymous.
  • It enables quick processing.
  • It has low transaction fees.
  • There are no deposit limits.
  • All these features help both customers and owners by making transactions easier and faster.

One-Click Account Creation

Getting registered on casinos online is now just one click away. These casinos allow you to get registered using your Google or Facebook accounts. This allows them to access your information quickly, which makes it easier to advertise and promote effectively. Previously it wasn’t possible because these social platforms weren’t as flexible as now to entertain gambling. Now with online gambling being legal, Facebook has policies that make it flexible. This makes the registration process quick, and you don’t have to spend hours filling in forms.

Casino Games Are Coming To Your Smart Watches

We’ve come from using desktops to now doing everything on our mobile phones. The next step could be Smart Watches. Even though smartwatches are in their infancy, they’ve managed to impact fitness and other industries. People can track how many steps they’ve walked, check their heartbeat, and much more. There are already several casino games made for smartwatches. With time, we can only expect many improved games.

Advantages of making gambling possible on smartwatches include:

  • Helping customers multi-task. It helps customers gamble while walking, cooking etc.
  • Easy to carry around and handle.
  • You may take your game with you everywhere you go.

2022 might just be the beginning of plenty more exciting upgrades. The potential for online gambling to grow and expand is insane. All these features will be focused on enhancing the experience for the customer and making it even more accessible and fun.