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Our team of dedicated casino professionals has made it their mission to thoroughly test every online casino to find the best niche casinos for dedicated NZ online casino fans. This time we’ve found a new platform might be offering deep lore, levels, power ups and more! It seems gamification could be a big focus.

What is the New Casino, and What is Different about it?

Our team was delighted when they got the opportunity to get the first peek into this fantastic new online casino opening in June 2021. Our first impression was that Vegas Lounge Casino is every Kiwi player’s dream. There is a superb Welcome Bonus package on offer for new players, which is made up of a 100% Deposit Bonus and a set of Free Spins. The bonus can be collected across multiple deposits, and at each deposit, the casino will match your deposit to bonuses from 25% and 100%.

Your Free Spins Bonus can be played on popular pokies, and as a cherry on the cake, the casino will also be hosting fun-filled promotions and many more ways to gain lucrative bonuses and Free Spins through the VIP/Loyalty Program. As a member, the more you play, the more you can collect in rewards. At the higher levels of the Loyalty Program, players will be pampered and spoilt with sensational prizes like holidays and restaurant vouchers, and much more. Here’s why Vegas Lounge Casino is causing so much excitement and why you should not miss out.

Unique New Online Casino Features from Vegas Lounge Casino

Over the past few years, online gambling has seen a new wave of innovation, and players can now join in the fun from a desktop, tablet, or mobile casino. When it comes to pokies, you can happily spin the reels with the benefit of some seriously cool features, and table games are always exciting. With online casinos continuing their upward trend, top online casinos are all vying for the next big thing. Game developers like Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech, have stepped up to the mark and have crafted some of the most cutting-edge offerings in gameplay, design, and graphics.

With the advent of 3D technology, online casino game features have found new life and innovation over the past twenty years. Today, online casinos are heading towards virtual reality, and it’s all very exciting. Here are some unique and innovative features in casino games.

Integrated Points System

Remember the scenes from the blockbuster movie Ocean’s Eleven where the security team is trying to track the robbery using camera feeds? Online casinos won’t need to spend their money on not-so-secretive surveillance to collect information about you. Casino Rewards Programmes and Loyalty Rewards allow casinos to track your habits and capture your preferences, so they can entice you to play for longer and come back more often. It seems the casino will know what you play, how often you play, to how much you spend, and this will help them tailor make special rewards programs for your gaming pleasure. Vegas Lounge Casino will allegedly be launching with an Integrated Points System that will affect your ability to level up, unlock content, and much more to bulk up your bankroll.

Strong Lore with Unfolding Story

Online 3D pokies and video pokies tell many fascinating stories through themes and animations. When developers realized that players engaged more when confronted with a plot to follow, a hero to root for, or a villain to defeat, they got working on exciting storylines. Instead of watching symbols repeatedly spin on the reels, players can now follow the plot and join in on all the action. For example, Microgaming’s Immortal Romance is the ideal example of strong lore with an unfolding story. Themed around the best-selling Twilight novels, this slot game is themed around a group of mysterious vampires. With this unique slot game, players that enjoy spinning the reels to this blood-sucking love story can get wholly involved in the pokie game. At Vegas Lounge Casino, you will find more storytelling than in other casinos as much larger effort is put into the backstory. The whole story is left uncovered, and you can complete challenges to get the full picture.

Power Up and Level Ups

Increasing your character’s strength in a game has long been a part of video gaming, and now online casinos are looking at borrowing elements so that players can earn points and complete challenges through power-ups and level-ups. Through these elements, players can boost their gameplay and increase winnings exponentially. Vegas Lounge Casino is an excellent example of how video game level-ups can be applied to an online casino.

Extra Hidden Content

Vegas Lounge Casino uses levels to create fun ways to unlock extra content, which adds to the rewards, games, and storyline. Many online casinos will offer you additional content, such as a wheel of fortune. The idea here is to unlock the hidden content, enjoy fun and quick wins, and participate in a higher value player experience.

Mission-Based Accomplishments

The most popular type of interactive gameplay used by NZ online casinos today is the mission-based platform, and at Vegas Lounge, some missions are time-based, region-based, and even level-based. Completing missions will unlock content and provide you with extra in-game rewards and real money rewards. This concept is similar to online role-player video games and first-person shooters, where missions, and in-game tasks, will help you complete a quest.


Competitive tournaments with ranking systems in place use Leaderboards. This is a big part of online casino platforms that delivers more fun and competition for all levels of players. The better you perform, the more you score, and the faster you can climb the leaderboard to win big prizes. Players from different regions and those playing different kinds of online casino games will be able to compare themselves to other Vegas Lounge Casino players.

Conclusion – Vegas Lounge has Enhanced Online Casino Player Experience

Vegas Lounge Casino has taken the fun and excitement up a notch with its amazing unique casino games. To start your gaming at Vegas Lounge, complete a new registration in a very simple, quick, and straightforward way and then deposit from $20 at the cashier. To enjoy your online gaming at this premier online casino, you will have various ways to enhance your online gaming with fun events, features, and gaming mechanics. Vegas Lounge will be launching for Kiwi players sometime in June 2021, so keep coming back to our pages for updated information and get ready for a new sensational online casino.