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Trying to find the best online casino isn’t as easy as choosing the first brand. Not all online casinos offer the same quality gaming services and could have lower than usual fairness ratings. It would help if online casinos were honest about their services and standards. However, they all appear as “the best online casino” to grab your attention.

In this guide, we look at the key features and how to tell if the casino will deliver on its promises.

What people expect from Quality Online Casinos

When thinking of a highly rated online casino, you imagine good quality games, fairness with promotions, secure payment methods, excellent support and protection of your info. This is about the basics of what you’d expect in choosing the best online casino in New Zealand.

Of course, many casinos offer the above and even go a step further by including unique rewards and VIP programs. Some are even wager free online casinos that indicate that their bonuses have no wagering requirements. Others offer more than just a casino by including sports betting, a poker network and much more.

However, the same benefits can be available with casinos that don’t offer the highest quality in gaming services. Thus, you still need to be careful and follow the steps to ensure the brand follows the rules of its licenses. The licenses determine a lot about an online casino as this is the only aspect that enforces strict rules and regulations. Some casinos operate under multiple licenses, which simply increases the rules they need to follow. Of course, this would allow them to provide their services to additional regions as well.

For New Zealand players, the most recommended licenses are the Malta Gaming Authority, Curacao, and the UK Gambling Commission. These licencing bodies are the strictest and put casinos through regular testing with hefty penalties and losing their license.

It’s easy to check if a casino license is valid as they are required to provide the licencing details at the bottom of their website. This would include who operates the casino, the license they operate under as well as the license number. You can use the number and confirm that they operate under the right licenses and that it’s valid.

Check the Selection of Payment Methods

Casinos licensed by MGA, Curacao or the UK need to provide certain payment methods that have been tested by the licensing body. This ensures the payment method offers the highest possible level of security, that your funds are protected and that none of your personal details are even exposed or shared.

There are loads of methods to choose from that are approved by the licensing bodies. This includes credit/debit cards, web wallets, vouchers and much more. The same applies to withdrawal methods that also need to safeguard your details and the funds. Trusted casinos don’t include any additional fees with transactions other than the standard fees that might be charged by the payment provider. 

Most online casinos include payment method info on their website. This would include the available deposit and withdrawal methods in addition to their limits, withdrawal times and other details that might apply.

Check the Selection of Games

The gaming section of a trusted casino is the most important and the easiest way to spot a questionable casino. Once again, it comes down to the licenses they operate under as strict rules apply to gaining fairness. This means you won’t find games with lower than usual RTP percentages, games that don’t use Random Number Generating software or that might be poor quality overall.

Instead, casinos need to use software providers that have proven themselves to be trustworthy and provide real opportunities for all players. There are a lot of details revolving around what fair and safe games are, but if they operate under a trusted license, you can count on trustworthy casino games.

As you might know, there are loads of online game providers. Some are nearly 30 years old while others might be brand new and striving to slow their worth. There’s no telling what game provider is fair and worth trusting, but if they manage to appear on licensed casinos, it’s already a great sign.

License providers such as MGA, Curacao and the UK Gambling Commission put developers to the test. Not only do they test the games, but also the RNG software and the overall functionality of the game. Thus, most trusted online casinos offer a return to player percentage of well over 94%, indicating a well-balanced selection of games that offer the fairness casinos should.

Try Contacting the Player Support to Check Responsiveness

Once all the above seems to be in good order, you can get in touch with the support team. Since most are international online casinos, you can expect a support team that’s available 24 hours a day. Some also provide multiple language options, making it even easier for all player types to join and make the most of their gaming desires.

Contacting support is a great way to see how responsive the team is. It’s also a good time to ask questions that might not have appeared on their site. For example, if the games section doesn’t include the details about their developers, the support team should be able to give you the info. They can also explain bonuses better, direct you to specific details or even explain the loyalty and VIP rewards.

With online casino support, it’s important to remember that agents commonly assist multiple players at the same time. Therefore, waiting a minute or two is common, even with the biggest brands. However, you can count on accurate information and guidance. The live support team on PC or mobile also shouldn’t take hours.

The support team needs to be professional and deliver the right details about the casino. It’s usually easy to tell when you’re dealing with unprofessional agents, which isn’t common when choosing a trusted casino.


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